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Blanc Sablon Cemetery – Transcript of Markers

Old Cemetery

This old cemetery is no longer used. It is situated on a mossy bank along a gravel road near the marine haul-out on the wharf side of the river. It is fenced and has been maintained except many of the old stones are buried or broken. Transcribed by Sharon Chubbs-Ransom in the fall of 2002.

Photograph Copyright © 2000, Charles Gravel


Jimima Butt

Stone broken; can only read daughter of John and Elizabeth Butt

Wooden; inscription unreadable

Stone unreadable

Stone broken at the top with the inscription

Melvina Dumaresque

d. 04 March 1866

Age 77 years

Philip Lacey

The rest is unreadable

Stone broken on the ground; unreadable

Large gray stone; unreadable

William H. Dumaresq

d. 24 September 1874

Aged 22 years

George Goudey

This stone is sunk into the sand. Just the name is now visible but from an earlier visit when the inscription was plain it read

1830- 08 April 1871

1 more large broken stone partly buried; unreadable

Note: There is evidence of a number of other plots, without markers.
Date entered on Web: 11 January 2003

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