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Bradore Bay ~ "New" Village Cemetery

Transcript of Markers

This cemetery is situated at the end of a branch road to the East of the main road through the Community. It is situated on what is known as the Bradore Plain. This cemetery is very exposed but is away from the activity of the Community. It is enclosed by a white fence and, walking through it, one is struck by the smells of heather and blackberry shrubs. This transcript of markers was recorded in the Summer of 2002 / by Jim and Sharon Chubbs-Ransom.

Photograph Copyright © 2000, Charles Gravel


Norman Lette


Son of Mr. & Mrs. Ellis Letto


Edward W. Jones



Ronnie R. Etheridge



Joint stone

Stephen Etheridge

August 02 1906-August 06 1993


August 19 1912-March 16 1993


Joint stone

William Evans

July 25 1906-November 08 1986

Olive Nadeau

August 11 1908-October 29 1988


Albert H. Fequet

September 13 1892-May 12 1964


Joint stone

George W. Hobbs

December 24 1900-April 14 1996

Wife Cecelia

June 19 1907-September 06 1980


Kelly Hobbs

December 31 1970-July 24 1982

Son of Harrison & Betty

Brothers Terry & Randy


Albert William Etheridge

June 28 1931-April 16 1996


Donald Gordon Anderson Etheridge

February 21 1937-November 14 1974


Leonard Goudie


Husband of Beatrice


Kevin Daniel Hart

April 30 1964-August 15 1974


Joint stone

Charles Hart




m. December 15 1958


Jarvis H. Etheridge

August 09 1977-July 26 1936



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