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Lourdes de Blanc Sablon ~ "Old" Village Cemetery

Transcript of Markers


This is the old cemetery in Lourdes situated on a point of land just west of the hospital. The cemetery is accessed by a small foot path off to the right side of a villager’s front lawn and driveway. It has a metal fence with a gate. This cemetery has weathered many storms as the north westerly winds blow off the cold Strait of Belle Isle. It looks to have many graves but few markers are still standing. Many of the white crosses are decaying without identification of the occupant of the grave. This transcript of markers was recorded in the Summer of 2002 / by Jim and Sharon Chubbs-Ransom.


Photograph Copyright © 2006, Charles Gravel


Marie-Claire Jones

November 03, 1949-January 18, 1950


Marie-Blanche Jones

November 03 1949-March 13, 1950

Of Basile & Bertha Jones

Benjamin Smith



Next there are four white crosses


Alfred Cormier

of Havre St. Pierre


d. Blanc Sablon January 08, 1944

Age 70 years, 2 months


Lewis Letemplier

d. November 22, 1945

Age 81 years


Peter S. Lavallee

Husband of Winnie

April 07, 1945

Age 39 years


2 other graves by him unmarked


2 more white crosses


Richard Labadie

No dates


Patrick Letemplier

December 28, 1944

Age 15 years, 5 months


Ann Durand

Wife of William Jones

b. January 02, 1898

d. February 27, 1940


Francois 1947


Robert 1949


Mr. & Mrs. Damasse Beaudoin

No dates


Martin Labadie

No dates


Eugene Labadie

Husband of Ann Beals

d. February 13, 1941

Age 59 years


Albert Labadie

d. September 30, 1944

Age 65 years


Grey concrete like stone with no inscription evident



Son of James & Catherine McDonald

b. January 20, 1908

d. June 09, 1933

Age 25 years


Elizabeth Dunn

Wife of Thomas Joncas

d. October 28, 1944

Age 74 years, 10 months, 27 days


Thomas Joncas

December 04 - June 1944

Age 77 years


White cross


Cecile Lavallee


White cross


Emile Lavallee

Jerome Lavallee



Patrick Lavallee


R. Adela Joncas

Wife of Hilaire Beaudoin

d. January 31, 191?


Rosalie Joncas

Wife of Narcisse Lavallee

d. April 22,1910

Age 51 years, 5 months, 26 days


Thomas Joncas

May 29, 1914

Age 83 years


Grey stone with unreadable inscription


Joseph Alfred Jones

d. December 29, 1907

Age 9 months

Son of Joseph Jones


Alfred Joncas

d. May 01, 1899 at Bradore

Age 22 years, 3 months


Marguerite Beaudoin

Wife of Sieur Thomas Joncas Sr.

June 30, 1909

Age 66 years, 10 months


Marie Rosallee Joncas

b. August 11, 1905

d. October 30, 1908


Catherine Joncas

b. March 02, 1903

d. November 24, 1909


Josephine Beaudoin

Wife of Christifer

August 16, 1923

Age 25 years


Odile Dumas

Wife of Adolphe Guay

d. November 19, 1883

Age 23 yaers


2 white crosses enclosed in a fence, not identified


Cecile Phedola LeGresley

d. August 03, 1892

Age 2 years, 10 months


Joseph M. J. LeGresley

d. August 06, 1892

Age 4 years, 9 months


Angeline Labadie

Wife of Alfred Beaudoin

d. November 05, 1931

Age 81 years, 8 months


Alfred Beaudoin

Husband of Angeline Labadie

d. August 21, 1908

Age 33 years, 10 months


Delvina Beaudoin

Wife of Willy Labadie

D. February 13, 1926

Age 67 ½ years


Rosalie Beaudoin

Wife of John LeGresley

d. August 30, 1926

Age 71 years


John V. LeGresley

Husband of Rosalie Beaudoin

d. March 28, 1933 at Blanc Sablon

Age 80 years



son of Xavier Joncas



3 white crosses, not identified


Bridgit Morancait

d. March 04, 1908

Age 4 years


1 white cross in a fence


Virgile Lavallee

Erected by Famille CRANT

d. October 06, 1920

Age 28 years


Mary Petherick

Wife of Napoleon Beaudoin

d. April 12, 1889

Age 22 years


Therese Boland

Of Hilaire Beaudoin

d. April 05 1923

1 small white cross on either side


Josephine Boland 

b. 1896

d. October 13, 1933

Wife of John Louis Buckle


1 wooden cross


Elizabeth Herbert

Wife of Alfred Marcoux

d. August 19, 1905

Age 37 years


Two white crosses


Grey concrete like stone no inscription


Wooden cross lying on ground


Hilaire Beaudoin

Husband of Adela Joncas

d. February 06, 1932

Age 67 years

Data entered on Web: 14 October 2002

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