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Harrington Harbour Cemetery Register

This compilation was prepared by Sharon Chubbs-Ransom from a list that was started in 1938 by John Hamilton Dicker, an Anglican Priest. This multi-denominational list, which accompanies a plot plan of the Cemetery, is still being maintained today. This compilation came from a photocopy of the list dated back about 15 years ago. Editorial information is noted by ( ).

Bobbitt, Laurence, son of Maynard

Bobbitt, Baby, unbaptized son of Jack Bobbitt

Bobbitt, Daniel, 1903

Chislett, Sarah Elizabeth, wife of Francis Jones, 1908

Chislett, Susanna, wife of Alexander Anderson

Jones, Francis Roderick, son of Francis Jones and Elizabeth Chislett, 1923

Jones, Florence, first wife of Jack Wilson Bobbitt, 1928

Anderson, Elizabeth Anne, wife of Thomas Strickland

Stickland (Strickland?), William Lewis, son of William Stickland (Strickland?)

Stickland (Strickland?), Bertha May, daughter of William Stickland (Strickland?),1934

Stickland (Strickland?), Esther, daughter of Thomas Elizabeth Stickland (Strickland?)

Simms, Benjamin

Anderson, Martha Louisa, wife of Benjamin Simms, 1935

Ransom, Bessie

Ransom, Frederick

Rowsell, James Theodore, son of Edward Rowsell and Elizabeth Ann Bobbitt, 1916

Chislett, Francis

Chislett, Charles

Chislett, Caleb Marshall, 1935

Chislett, Frances (Fanny) Ann

Chislett, Agnes, daughter of Jack Chislett and Fanny

Bobbitt, Thomas

Cox, John Benjamin, son of Sam Cox, brother of Isabella Sarah Cox, 1900

Cox, James

Anderson, Thomas, 1903

Anderson, William, 1917

Chislett, Robert Daniel

Chislett, John

Chislett, Sarah

Ransom, Edward, son of Edward Ransom

Chislett, Alice

Simms, Susanna Elizabeth, wife of Edward Ransom, 1925

Cains, Jacob, 1901

Gallichan, Lilly, first wife of Esau Anderson

Anderson, Jane, wife of William Anderson, daughter of Thomas Anderson and Elizabeth Baker

Mitchell, Jane, wife of Jacob Anderson, daughter of William Mitchell

Anderson, Edith Caroline, wife of Walter Gallichan

Anderson, Priscilla, first wife of James William Cox, 1905

Waye, Samuel

Waye, Caroline

Waye, Henry

Waye, John

Anderson, Nathaniel, son of Eli Anderson

Anderson, Thomas

Baker, Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Anderson, 1902, known as Thaney Anderson

Bobbitt, John, son of William Bobbitt, 1924

Swift, Sarah, wife of Joseph Thomas Remo

Ransom, Alice (believed to be buried somewhere in the vicinity of the "old" Community Hall)

Ransom, Stella (believed to be buried somewhere in the vicinity of the "old" Community Hall)

Ransom, William

Bobbitt, Sammy

Bobbitt, Clara Lily, daughter of Robert Bobbitt

Hann, Jane, second wife of William Bobbitt

Bobbitt, William, of Burgeo Newfoundland, son of Matthew Bobbitt, 1875

Bobbitt, Charlotte

Bobbitt, Elizabeth, wife of Joe Gallichan

Bobbitt, Ida May, daughter of Joseph Herbert Bobbitt, 1934

Cox, Priscilla, daughter of Sam Cox

Bobbitt, Charles, son of Thomas Bobbitt and Sarah Jane Anderson

Simms, Grace, first wife of Charles Bobbitt

Bobbitt, Willie Dan, son of Charles Bobbitt

Bobbitt, Percy, son of Charles Bobbitt

Bobbitt, Sandy Ross, son of Charles Bobbitt

Matthews, Grace Sarah, first wife of John Bobbitt, 1893

Michell, Isabella, second wife of John Bobbitt

Jones, Hiram Newton, son of John Gilbert Jones and Charlotte Bobbitt, 1918

Rowsell, Emily Alice, daughter of George Ambrose Rowsell and Lavinia Drudge, 1913

Simms, Margaret, daughter of Benjamin Simms, wife of Frederick Thomas Jones, 1921

Jones, Frederick Benjamin, son of Frederick Thomas Jones, 1906

Jones, Irene Beatrice, daughter of Frederick Thomas Jones, wife of Samuel James Foreman, 1927

Gallichan, Berlie, daughter of Walter Gallichan and Edith Caroline Anderson

Rowsell, Mildred, daughter of Edward (Ned) Rowsell and Elizabeth Ann Bobbitt, first wife of Leonard Reuban Jones, 1930

Anderson, Jack

Woodland, Lizzie, wife of Robert Shattler

Fiander (?), brought from a schooner at Gross Isle, died of Diphtheria, 1918

Chevalier, David

Chislett, Charles Lockwood

Bobbitt, Minnie Gleanor, daughter of John Bobbitt and Grace Sarah Matthews

Anderson, Willie, son of Jacob Anderson and Martha Jane Wellman

Shattler, Martha, nee Wellman, second wife of Jacob Anderson

Anderson, Earle, son of Jacob Anderson and Martha Jane Shattler

Emley, John

Rowsell, Russell George, son of George Rowsell and Lavinia Drudge, 1920

Kennedy, Walter

Nash, Mary, wife of John Mountain Rowsell, 1935

Roberts, Florence, wife of Charles Roberts

Bobbitt, Charles, son of William Bobbitt and Jane Hann, 1937

Roberts, Chesley Hamilton, son of Malcolm Roberts and Florence Exina Harding, 1937

Thomas, Donald Edward, son of Cecil Seymore Thomas and Pearl Roberts, 1937

Rowsell, Martha Marberry, daughter of Edward (Ned) Rowsell and Elizabeth Ann Bobbitt, 1938

Rowsell, John, son of Henry Lewis Rowsell and Clarissa Victoria Gallichan, 1938

Chislett, John Stephen, 1938

Thomas, Pearl, daughter of Cecil Seymore Thomas and Pearl Roberts, 1938

Anderson, Isobel Muriel, daughter of Richard Russell Anderson and Florence Maud Nadeau, 1938

Chislett, Frances Ann, wife of John Thomas Anderson, 1929

Anderson, Johanna, widow Styles, second wife of James William Cox, 1939

Jones, John, 1941

Meade, Baby, daughter of Rev. S. A. Meade, 1942

Whiteley, Edward, St. Paul’s River, 1942

Chevalier, Edith Julia, widow of Albert Ransom, second wife of Esau Anderson, 1940

Wellman, Gordon, infant son of Albert Wellman of Old Fort, 1942

Drudge, John Albert, of Old Fort, 1943

Anderson, Mary Jane, wife of John Gallichan, 1943

Jones, Frederick Thomas, 1943

Bobbitt, Elaine Lily, daughter of John Wilson Bobbitt, 1943

Rowsell, James Theodore, son of Lewis Rowsell, 1944

Anderson, Thomas 1944

Anderson, Eli, 1945

Rowsell, Lennox Junior, son of Henry Lewis Rowsell and Clarissa Victoria Gallichan, 1945

Court, Baby, infant son of George David Court of Kegaska, 1946

Jones, Margaret Louise, wife of Frederick William Osborne, 1946

Stickland (Strickland?), Thomas, 1946

Waye, Mary, wife of William Bobbitt, 1947

Rowsell, Henry Eric, son of Edward Gordon Rowsell and Ethel Waye, 1947

Bobbitt, Henry Allison, 1947

Cox, James, 1946

Anderson, James Standford, infant son of Samuel Stanford Anderson, 1947

Cox, Robby, son of Frederick and Mabel Cox, 1948

Jones, Baby, stillborn daughter of Henry Roland Jones of Wolf Bay, 1948

Smedberg, Konrad Sigfreid, Swedish Seaman, 1949

Anderson, John Thomas, known as Miney, 1949

Anderson, Margaret, daughter of Alfred Ivan Anderson and Annie Thomas, 1949

Bobbitt, William, 1949

Ransom, Edward, 1949

Hodd, Edna Georgina, wife of Dr. Donald Gordon Hodd, 1949

Chislett, Margaret, also known as Maggie, 1949

Chislett, Betty June

Osborne, Dorothy McGleena, baby of Raeburn and Marion Osborne, 1950

Jones, Charlotte, 1950

Chislett, George, 1950

Rowsell, Bernard Ross, son of George Rowsell, 1950

Remo, Joseph Thomas, 1950

Etheridge, Rachel, widow of Ab. Etheridge of Brador Bay, 1950

Bobbitt, Sarah Jane, widow of Thomas Bobbitt, 1950

Rowsell, Edward, son of John Mountain Rowsell and Mary Nash, 1950

Jones, Wilfred Archibald, 1951

Jones, Joseph, 1951

Stubbert, Baby, stillborn son of Mr. & Mrs. Charles Stubbert, 1951

Shattler, Robert, 1952

Gallichan, Ivan, 1951

Bursey, Patrick Ashley, son of John Bursey of St. Augustine, 1952

Cox, Joanna, daughter of Fred and Mabel Cox, 1952

Anderson, Esther Selina, 1953

Harding, James, 1953

Bobbitt, Jane, 1953

Rowsell, Henry, 1953

Anderson, Jacob, 1953

Bobbitt, Grace Alice, 1953

Bobbitt, Paulette, 1953

Gallichan, John, 1954

Chislett, Henry Thomas, 1954

Bobbitt, Jill, 1954

Boland, Susanna, wife of Charles, 1954

Cox, Mabel, wife of Fred Cox, 1954

Organ, Frances A., 1928

Anderson, Samuel Thomas (Andy), son of Viola Bobbitt and William (Bill) Anderson, 1955

Osborne, Calvin Benjamin, 1955

Rowsell, Lavinia Alice, wife of George Rowsell, 1956

Chislett, John, 1956

Bobbitt, Charles, husband of Maud Styles Bobbitt, 1956

Wellman, Isabella, 1957

Chislett, Baby, infant son of Leonard Wallace Chislett and Evelyn Shattler, 1957

Court, William James, 1957

Robin, George, 1957

Rowsell, Madeline Gail, 1957

Anderson, William, 1957

Roberts, Florence, wife of Malcolm Roberts, 1958

Anderson, Baby, stillborn infant of William & Viola Anderson, 1958

Osborne, Barry Raeburn, son of Raeburn and Marion Osborne, 1959

Mitchell, Nancy, daughter of Harris and Joy Mitchell, 1959

Wellman, Joseph, 1959

Drudge, Eli, 1960

Shattler, Evelyn, 1961

Bobbitt, Clara, wife of George, 1961

Rowsell, Edward Gordon, 1962

Cox, Esther, 1962

Osborne, (Rachel Munroe), wife of Edward, 1962

Cox, Dorothy, wife of Wilfred Jones, 1963

Rowsell, Baby, stillborn daughter of Roy William and Bessie Margaret, 1963

Chislett, Charles Gordon, 1963

Chislett, Lucy, wife of George, 1963

Anderson, Joey, son of William Anderson and Rita Boland, 1963

Indian infant, 1963

Bobbitt, Baby, stillborn son of Ronald Bobbitt and Grace Cox, 1964

Harding, Martha, 1964

Buckle, Thomas, 1964

Remo, Billy, 1964

Waye, Dorcas Annie, 1962

Jones, Baby, stillborn daughter of Harold and Joyce Jones, 1964

Chislett, William, 1965

Osborne, Medinia, 1966

Anderson, Esau, 1966

Waye, Gordon, 1966

Chislett, George, 1966

Cox, Frederick John, 1966

McCann- Styles, Mary, daughter of George Styles, widow of William J., 1966

Rowsell, Albert,1968

Anderson, Donald Gordon, 1969

Jones-Bobbitt, Elizabeth Jane, 1969

Chubbs, Baby, stillborn son of David J. Chubbs of La Tabatiere, 1969

Bobbitt, Kirby Maxwell, 1970

Rowsell, George Ambrose, 1970

Strickland, Garry William, 1967

Waye (Mitchell), Esther, 1968

Mitchell, Edward, 1968

Waye, Benjamin Robert, 1968

Anderson, Arthur B., 1969

Shattler, Melita Lillian, 1970

Anderson, Dwaine, 1970

Nadeau-Bobbitt, Mabel Marjorie, 1971

Nadeau, Marjorie, 1972

Rowsell, Morley Gordon, 1972

Bobbitt, John Wilson, 1973

Cox-Chislett, Alice Selina, 1973

Chislett-Anderson, Edith, 1973

Osborne, Edward, 1924

Wellman, Robert, 1974

Bobbitt, Eli Robert, son of Thomas Bobbitt, 1928

Anderson, Isabella, daughter of William Anderson and Esther Chislett

Anderson, William, 1916

Chislett, Esther, wife of William Anderson, 1924

Crane, Mary, wife of Eli Anderson, 1920

Mitchell, William

Anderson, George, son of Jacob Anderson, 1927

Roberts, Annie, wife of William Mitchell

Chislett, Sydney

Chislett, Mary May

Chislett, Henry Robert

Chislett, William Ralph

Chislett, Charles (Charlie)

MacDonald, Frances, wife of Thomas MacDonald, 1882

Cox, Isabella Sarah, daughter of Sam Cox, 1921

Chislett, John, 1927

MacDonald, Stephen

Cox, Edward (Ned)

Cox, Effie, daughter of Edward Cox

Cox, Fanny Ellen, first wife of Daniel Bobbitt, daughter of John Benjamin Cox

Cox, William

Anderson, Esther, wife of John Benjamin Cox, 1872

Bobbitt, Maynard Arthur, 1975

Anderson, George Garfield, 1975

Dumaresq, Elizabeth, 1975

Rowsell, Philip Willard, 1975

Bobbitt, William Ernest, 1976

Bobbitt, Leslie Virgil, 1976

Bobbitt-Jones, Susan, 1977

Evans, Russell Ellisson, 1977, at Sea

Anderson, Andrew Robert, 1978

Osborne, Charles Theodore, 1978

Osborne, Harold, 1979

Rowsell, Kevin, 1979

Cox, Hermann, 1980

Ransom-Court, Dorothy,1980

Anderson-Nadeau, Mary, 1951

Organ-Bobbitt, Elizabeth, 1981

Jones, Francis John, 1981

Anderson, Stephen Paul, 1981

Anderson, Juanita Faye, 1982

Cox, Donald Wilson, 1982

Ransom, George Ernest, 1982

Rowsell, Douglas Albert, 1982

Whiteley-Chevalier, Eliza, 1983

Nadeau, George, 1983

Bryan, Baby, daughter of Faith and Rev. Robert A. Bryan,

Rowsell, Cecil Norman, 1983

Nadeau, Hollis, 1983

Roberts, Charles John, 1984

Bobbitt-Styles, Florence Maud, 1984

Bobbitt-Anderson, Rosella Isabella, 1985

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