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Coast of Labrador 1862

Church of England / Église d'Angleterre

John P. Richmond (Minister)

Marriages / Mariages

The information was transcribed as it appeared in the original document and no correction was made to spelling.
L'information a été transcrit tel qu'il apparaît dans le document original et aucune correction de l'épellation n'a été faite.

Date Bridegroom/Marié Occupation From/De Bride/Mariée From/De Presents/Témoins Comments/Commentaires
6 March 1862 Read Fisherman formerly of Marbleton, Somersetshire, England". Hawkins Mecatina River George Mansbridge, Samuel Read,  Were united according to the fashion of the coast by FX Rochet,
  Benjamin   and now from Mecatina River" Susanna   George Read Layman on October 2, 1833"
15 March 1862 Tucker Fisherman Whale Head Malay Carbonear, Nfld Charles D. Remo (his mark) William Tucker and Margaret Malay were united by a layman
  William     Margaret (Widow)   William Tucker Jr. (his mark) on October 6, 1849"
18 March 1862 Shettler Fisherman Shectica Harbour Goosney   John Sibet? (his mark) The above were united after the fashion of the coast by 
  Robert     Sarah   Napoléon Nadeau John McDermot a layman September 4, 1856"
22 March 1862 Goosney Fisherman Shecatica Davis Lobster Bay Philip Blampied (his mark) "The above were married in April, 1858 by M. Allen a layman"
  John (Widower)     Lydia (Widow)   James Goosney (his mark)  
22 March 1862 Blampied Fisherman Formely of Jersey, now of Shecatica" Goosney Shecatica James Goosney (his mark) "The above were united in the fashion of the coast by
  Philip     Susan   John Goosney, (his mark) M. Andrew McNab 27 August 1860"
24 March 1862 Allen Fisherman Napitipa Kennedy Saint-Augustin James Goosney, Philip Blampied, "The above were united after the fashion of the coast by 
  Michael     Priscilla River James Riley John LeCouvey a layman 3 March, 1857"


Transcribed by / Transcrit par Marc-André Gosselin (October/Octobre 2002)

Under / Sous "Mission du Labrador" Reel / Bobine 325/2


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