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Buckle Family-Tree Pictures


James Buckle (1812-ca.1894) was born in Forteau, Labrador of parents William Buckle and (?) Watts. He married  Ann Marie Kelson.  Picture from Cyril Byrne (great great grandson of James). Click here for an interesting story on James.

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Reuban Buckle (1885-1967 ) was born in Forteau, Labrador the son of Matthew Buckle and Jane Webb. He married Mary (?Murley or Hurley) from Kingston, Newfoundland. Eliza Jane Webb (1852-1940) was born in Sandwich Bay, Labrador the daughter of Henry Webb and Elizabeth Summers. Reuban and his mother moved to Corner Brook, Newfoundland and that is where they are both buried. Picture was printed in the Labrador quarterly magazine, Them Days., Vol. 14, No 04, July, Summer 1989.

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James Philip Buckle (1851-1930) was born in Belles Amour, Labrador in the Straits of Belle Isle the son of James Buckle and Ann Marie Kelson-Whiteley. He married twice first in 1885 to Norah Cahill and second after 1880 to Margaret Ann Kennedy. 

L-R back row: Catherine "Kate" (1879-?) married Clovis Vigneault; James Philip (patriarch); John Charles "Jack Cahill" (1877-?) married Mary Jane Dunn; Ann "Annie" (1881-?); William "Bill" (1884-1913); Alice (1883-?), 

L-R front row: Margaret Ann Kennedy "Gammy" (matriarch) (1868-?) of Harbour Main, Newfoundland; Alfred (1891-?); Peter "Pete" (1892-?); Francis "John" (1888-?); Anastasia Gertrude "Gert" (1895-?) married Frank Roache; Mary Alice (1897-?) married Joshua Peddle. 

This family moved to Corner Brook, Newfoundland. Picture from James "Jim" Peddle of St. John’s, Newfoundland copied by Sharon Chubbs-Ransom.

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Alice Buckle-Lanigan (1849-1940) daughter of James Buckle and Anna Maria Kelson-Whiteley. She was born at St. Paul's River, Labrador and married John A. Lanergan on the Labrador 30 June 1874. He was lost at sea crossing the Bay of Fundy on 10 December 1876. She died in Boston, Massachusetts. She visited her Mother and Father in Corner Brook sometime in the late 1920s or 1930s. Picture and script from Dr. Cyril Byrne, her great-grand nephew. 

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Ellen Hanlan-Buckle (1859-1933), her daughter Louisa Buckle-Byrne (1885-1960) and possibly Louisa’s sister Florence Buckle. Ellen was from Prince Edward Island and she married John Louis Buckle. The child in Ellen’s arms is obviously a grandchild but neither he nor the other child has been identified yet. The picture was taken at St. Paul's River when Louisa Buckle was 19 and just before the family left Labrador to live in Corner Brook, Newfoundland. Picture and script from Dr. Cyril Byrne, her great grand son.

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Caroline Tracy-Buckle (1892-1935) was married to Ambrose Buckle (1890-1950) both came from the L’Anse au Loup area in Labrador. Picture from, "Them Days" Quarterly, September 1986, Vol. 12, No.1.

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John Lewis Buckle (1887-?) was born in Buckle’s Point, Labrador, near Forteau. He married Maud Letto of L’Anse au Clair. Picture from, "Them Days" Quarterly, Summer 2000, Vol. 25, No.4.

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John L. Buckle and family of Newfoundland c. 1922. People identified by the late Rose Roche nee Buckle. Back Row - left to right: 1. James Buckle (Rose's father), 2. Albert Buckle ?, 3. un-identified, 4. Joe Buckle (of Harbour Main) 5. Louise Byrne. 6. Joe Byrne 7. Ellen Buckle (nee Hanlan) 8. John L. Buckle. 9. Bill Buckle 10. un-identified 11. un-identified 12 un-identified. Front Row: 1. un-identified 2. un-identified 3. un-identified. Picture courtesy of Dave & Mary Rose.

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May and Howard Buckle nee Gallichon of Old Fort. They were married in 1949. Picture from Dwight Bilodeau’s website.

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