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Chevalier Family-Tree Pictures

Louis "Owen" Chevalier (1851-1919) lived in Baie de Roche, below St. Augustine. He worked the St. Paul’s River Seigniory and taught school in Aylmer Sound (hence Chevalier’s Brook) He is pictured here as in "Audubon's Labrador", by Charles Townsend. His descendant in the Harrington Archipelago was Annie Strickland wife of William Strickland. Picture from "Audubon’s Labrador".  click here / cliquez ici
These six pictures are copies of "tin type" pictures from a small album that was brought to Harrington Harbour by Edith Chevalier-Ransom. They are Edith’s "Chevalier relatives" but unfortunately these old pictures were never identified so their subjects are unknown. The # 6 picture is thought to be David Chevalier, Edith’s father who died at Harrington Harbour in 1909. He was 57 years old. That is how Edith came to end up married at Harrington, she came there to visit her dying father, met and married Albert "Bert" Ransom. Album with Jim and Sharon Chubbs-Ransom. Picture 1 
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Louis David Chevalier (1829-1905) was at least baptized at Esquimaux River or present day St. Paul’s River but we aren’t sure of his birthplace. He was the son of Philip David Chevalier and Nancy Keats. Louis was married twice. His first marriage was to Catherine Kendall and his second marriage to Bridget Sisk. They lived at St. Paul’s River, Quebec. Louis was said to have been a violinist, could read music and played all the "classics". His grandmother Mary Ann Vane of England according to George Whiteley had taught him. He fished and hunted the Seigniory of St. Paul’s River that had been in his family from the late 1700s. Picture from Lily Green; copied by Sharon Chubbs-Ransom.  click here / cliquez ici
L-R David Philip Chevalier (1908-1989) was born in St. Paul’s River, Quebec the son of Philip Kendall Chevalier and Elias Bags. His family moved to Corner Brook, Newfoundland. David married Julia Laing and they raised their family in Ontario. Bridget Chevalier-Saulter (1879-1962) was born in St. Paul’s River the daughter of Louis David Chevalier and Bridget Sisk. She married George Saulter of Forteau, Labrador. Maude Saulter-Poole (1898-1986) was born at Forteau, Labrador the daughter of George Saulter and Bridget Chevalier-Saulter. Maude married Willliam Poole of Hants Harbour, Newfoundland. They moved to Corner Brook, Newfoundland. Picture from Loretta Poole of New York copied by Sharon Chubbs-Ransom. 
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Marie Frances "Mary" Chevalier (1873-1917) was born in St. Paul’s River the daughter of Louis David Chevalier and Bridget Sisk. Marie Frances was crippled and lost a leg due to a childhood illness. Dr. Grenfell at St. Anthony treated her. She related the story of her great grandmother Mary Ann Vane being of noble birth and ship wrecked on Brador and marrying Louis Chevalier. Dr. Grenfell would later write the story in a short story series entitled "Labrador Princess". Mary walked with the use of an "iron leg" which according to Marilyn Chevalier Thomas just got thrown away a few years ago! Mary was the telegraph operator at St. Paul’s River. Picture from Loretta Poole of New York copied by Sharon Chubbs-Ransom
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Philip Charles Kendall Chevalier (1859-1936) and his wife Elizabeth "Eliza" Baggs (1863-1936). Philip & Eliza Chevalier lived for awhile in Jeddor Nova Scotia where Elsie, their eldest child was born. Philip & Eliza were living in Quebec City where Philip worked as a cemetery caretaker. Eliza and children went to Corner Brook by schooner. Philip worked his way there on boats. Philip was a fish warden on the Humber River near CornerBrook, Newfoundland . Glen Mill Inn in Corner Brook was built on Philip’s potato patch. Script details from the Chevalier Family Bible with Laurie and John Chevalier. Picture from Carolyn Robertson-Grant.  click here / cliquez ici

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