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Jones Family-Tree Pictures

Gilbert Jones (1834-1923) and wife Louisa Butt (1836-1920), ca. late 1800s; original settlers of Wolf Bay; patriarch and matriarch of the Jones lineage from Kegaska to Harrington. Gilbert was born in Bradore, Quebec and Louisa was born in Carbonnear, Newfoundland.
The picture comes from Gorden Jones; copied by Marc-Andre Gosselin. 
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Frank Jones Jr. (1890-1981), son of John Jones and Charlotte Bobbitt.
The picture comes from Bill and Lizzie Ransom; copied by Jim and Sharon Ransom.
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Edward Jenkins Jones, Capt. (1822-1906) was born in Boston. He was an artillery officer in the Union Army in the American Civil War and fought in the Wilderness Campaign at Petersburg and Richmond, Virginia in the Army of the Potomac.
The picture is ca. 1865 during the Civil War. He is the first cousin of Gilbert Jones, Sr. of Wolf Bay, Quebec. He was married to Ann Jones Badger of Massachusetts, USA. Picture from Dick Jones
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Frederick Thomas Jones (1860-1943) was born in Wolf Bay and later lived in Harrington. He was married to Margaret Simms and they had 13 children. Fred was noted for his role as a mail carrier along the Coast, by sail / motor boat and dog team.
Picture from Dave and Thelma King; copied by Sharon Chubbs-Ransom.
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Sarah Jones (1859-1949) was born in Brador to William Jones and Sarah Donaldson. She was a sister to Benjamin Jones. She married George Hobbs of New Perlican, Trinity Bay, Newfoundland. She died and is buried in Brador, Quebec. Benjamin Jones (1866-1944) was born in Brador. He married Matilda Wallace of L’Anse au Clair, Labrador. He died and is buried in L’Anse au Clair, Labrador. Picture taken outside the Hobbs house at Brador ca. 1940.
Picture from Sharon and Jim Ransom.
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 John Jones (1854-1934) was born in Brador, Quebec son of Edward Jones and Elizabeth Donaldson. He married Susan "Sukie" Gaudin (1860-1942 ) daughter of George Gaudin and Emily Dumaresq of L’Anse au Clair, Labrador. Johnny was a fisherman and Sukie a homemaker. They raised their family in Brador, Quebec. Picture is ca.1930s.
Picture from the late David Chubbs of La Tabatiere, (his maternal grandparents) copied by Sharon Chubbs-Ransom.
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 Jean "Johnny" Francois Jones (1884-1951) was born at Lourdes de Blanc Sablon, Quebec the son of Gilbert John Jones and Vitaline Dumas. He married Maria Anna Josephine LeGreseley daughter of John Vautier LeGreseley and Marie Rosalie Beaudoin. They raised their large family in Lourdes de Blanc Sablon. Johnny is pictured here with a puffin on Perroquet Island ca. 1910.
Picture from Sharon Chubbs-Ransom.
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George Jones ( 1905-19? ) was born at Harrington Harbour son of Frederick Thomas Jones and Margaret Simms. George married Ruby Primmerman of Montreal in 1962. George was an aircraft mecanic. He died and is buried in Montreal. George and Ruby had no children.
Picture from the late Lillian Anderson-Ransom copied by Sharon Chubbs-Ransom.
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Hamilton "Ham" Jones (1898-1987) was born at Harrington Harbour the son of Frederick Jones and Margaret Simms. Ham left home on Sam Cox’s trading schooner. He worked schooners and was business manager for his Uncle Gilbert Jones’s trading business. He married Clarissa Robertson daughter of Harry Robertson and Minnie Buffitt of La Tabatiere, in Halifax, Nova Scotia. They raised their family in Halifax and Ham died there in 1987.
Picture from Bill and Lizzie Ransom; copied by Sharon Chubbs-Ransom
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Wilfred Archibald Jones (1892-1952) was born at Harrington Harbour, Quebec Lower North Shore the son of John Gilbert Jones and Charlotte Bobbitt. He married Dorothy "Dorth" Amanda Cox daughter of James Cox and Priscilla Anderson. They raised a family of seven children on Harrington Island.
Picture from James and Burleigh Jones copied by Marc-Andre Gosselin.
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