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Ransom Family-Tree Pictures

Edward Ransom "Teddy" (1851-1949) and his wife, Susanna "Doll" Simms (1862-1927), ca. early 1900s. Edward was borne in Burgeo, Newfoundland; Susanna was born in La Plante, Le Poile Bay, Newfoundland. They came to Harrington Harbour 1871. They had 11 children and Edward lived to see his 98th birthday. Patriarch and matriarch of the Ransom lineage on the Quebec Coast. Click here for further information on the character of Edward. The picture comes from Jim and Sharon Ransom. click here / cliquez ici
 George Ransom (1892-1982) was born at Harrington Harbour, Quebec. He married Dorothy Court from Kegaska. George was a fisherman and raised his family at Harrington. He died at the D. G. Hodd Pavilion in Harrington Harbour. Picture ca. 1930s while George was working with some visiting ornithologists. Picture from Larry and Ada Ransom.  click here / cliquez ici
L-R Florence Serber, John "Jack" Ransome, and Elizabeth Anderson Ransome-King-Dunstan. Elizabeth Anderson Ransome (1874-1959) was born in West Point, Newfoundland the daughter of Charles Ransom and Elizabeth Anderson. She was half-sister to Edward "Teddy" Ransom of Harrington Harbour. Jack Ransome with her in the picture was her brother and Florence Serber was her niece. Elizabeth married James King at West Point, Newfoundland in 1895. They had five children from 1895-1904. In 1904 Elizabeth moved to Danvers, Mass., USA. By that time her five children and her husband had died due to childhood illnesses and tuberculosis! Elizabeth remarried in Mass. to Edward Dunstan and had five more children, a triplet and two more. She was known as a strong woman, an excellent nurse, mother and friend. She was noted by her granddaughter Betty for crocheting, playing the accordion and her love of cards and board games. She did not "suffer fools willingly" was superstitious and frequently had her "tealeaves" read. Picture from Betty Jennings.
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Frederick Ransome ( 1903-1925 ) was born in Burnt Island, Newfoundland the son of Henry William Ransome and Charlotte Jane Sitland. Around 1924 Fred came over to Harrington seeking to make a living. He was working on the "Silver Thread" trading schooner as crew with Uncle Sam Cox. Fred married Mildred Rowsell daughter of Ned Rowsell and Lizzie Ann Bobbitt in 1925. Soon after his marriage he left for a trading trip and never returned. He died while the schooner was in Grose Ile Tickle, St. Augustine. Picture from Clars and (the late) John Rowsell; copied by Sharon Chubbs-Ransom.
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Hiram Ransom ( 1896-1990 ) was born in Harrington Harbour the son of Edward Ransom and Susanna "Doll" Simms. Hiram married Lillian Anderson the daughter of William "Dosh" Anderson and Selina "Leney" Chislett. Hiram was a fisherman at Harrington but during one year of poor fishing they decided to leave Harrington and move to Montreal. For the remainder of his working life Hiram was "butler" at the Ogilvey estate in Montreal. On their retirement Hiram and Lill returned to Harrington. 
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