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Robertson Family-Tree Pictures


Samuel J. Robertson I (1824-1886), ca. 1880s, son of Samuel Robertson who was the first settler at La Tabatiere, then Sparr Point. He inherited and operated the largest seal fishing establishment along the Quebec Coast. He was married to Sophia Jones of Bradore. The picture comes from Carolyn Robertson-Grant.   click here / cliquez ici
Alexander James Robertson, "Sandy" (1868-1952) was born and grew up in La Tabatiere. He was married to Jessie Stobo and they had 7 children. He was a photographer and travelled along the Coast on a boat doing family photography. Following this they moved to Quebec City and had a photo shop. From there they moved to Vermont and lived there for a time and from there to Prince George, British Columbia. Both Sandy and Jessie are buried in Prince George, British Columbia Details on Alexander comes from Cheryl Staverly, great granddaughter. Picture comes from Carolyn Robertson-Grant.   click here / cliquez ici
Samuel John Robertson II (1847-1923) was born in Nova Scotia the son of Samuel John Robertson I and Sophia Letitia Jones. He married Charlotte Bobbitt daughter of Thomas Bobbitt and Susanna Walters of Mutton Bay. He died and is buried in La Tabatiere. Sammy John is seen here at his premises in Sparr Point, La Tabatiere with his team of "husky dogs" ca. 1900. Picture from Charles Townsend’s Book "In Audubon’s Labrador".  click here / cliquez ici
Gertrude Robertson (1894-?) was born in La Tabatiere, Quebec Lower North Shore the daughter of Frederick William Robertson and Alice Ann Lilly. Gertie married Sam Ransom son of Edward Ransom and Susanna Simms in 1915 and sometime following that they moved to New York City. They lived at Kingsbridge Terrace New York City. Gertie worked in a hospital; she is pictured here in uniform. They had no children. Picture from Lizzie and Bill Ransom copied by Sharon Chubbs-Ransom  click here / cliquez ici
Left to right - Samuel John Robertson IV, Lillian and William "Bill" seated in the chair, and Russell Robertson standing on the left. They were the sons and daughter of Samuel John Robertson III and Bertha Anderson. Picture outside their home at Sparr Point, La Tabatiere. Picture from Ross and Vern Waye copied by Sharon Chubbs-Ransom.
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Samuel John Robertson II and brothers: back row - left to right; Frederick (1872-1943), Gilbert (1854-1930), Henry (1864-?); front row – left to right; Hiram (1861-1945), Sammy John II (1847-1923), Roderick (1856-?), Alexander "Sandy" (1868-1952). Original picture with Russell Robertson, grandson of Samuel John Robertson II; copied by Vicki Robertson-Buffitt, great-grand daughter of Frederick.  click here / cliquez ici
Donald Duncan Robertson (1849-1930) was was born in St. Augustine, Quebec the son of Samuel John Robertson I. He died in British Columbia. He was married to Jennetta McDougal of Gulph, Ontario. Picture from Carolyn Robertson-Grant.  click here / cliquez ici
Hiram Joseph Robertson and family of Vancouver, British Columbia. 

Back row, left to right: Frances Alice Robertson (1861-1965); Russell Butler Robertson (1888-1962)

Front row, left to right: William Whiteley Robertson (1886-1959); Frances Emily Whiteley (1860-1941); Hiram Joseph Robertson (1861-1945); Grace Lydia Robertson (1898-1976); Beatrice Edith Robertson (1896-1986)

Hiram Joseph Robertson was born in St. Augustine, Quebec the son of Samuel Joseph Robertson I and Sophia Letitcia Jones of La Tabatiere, Quebec. Hiram married Frances "Emily" Whiteley, the daughter of William Henry Whiteley and Louisa Anne Thompson of Bonne Esperance. Hiram and Emily raised a family of five children. They left La Tabatiere in 1885 and moved to Sawyerville, Eastern Townships, Quebec where their first child was born. They moved from Sawyerville to Vancouver, British Columbia and had five more children, one daughter Louise Ann Robertson died at birth. Picture from Winnifred Bobbitt-Harding, inherited from her grandmother, Laura Robertson-Rogers, niece of Hiram Joseph Robertson. 

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