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Weddings on the Coast

By Sharon Chubbs-Ransom


Like most places in the world, weddings on the Coast were big events. It was seldom seen in the early days that everyone in the community wasn’t invited to the marriage feast. Invitations were no ordinary affair either. 


Aunt Grace Ransom got married 16 October 1927. Her brother Uncle Hiram Ransom made a special trip to Halifax on the “trader” to get her wedding dress” which obviously included choosing it! She married Charlie Reid he was Marconi Station radio operator at Harrington in 1920. They were married at Harrington. The following year in 1921 Aunt Grace’s brother Hiram and Aunt Lill Anderson were to be married. However it didn’t work out that way. Aunt Lill’s mother “Grandma Leney Anderson” was against her getting married due to concern about Aunt Lill’s health. Aunt Lill had tuberculosis and was not considered well. Her mother suggested she go to see the doctor in Halifax who had treated her. Early in the fall she left to go to Halifax with Uncle Sam Cox who ran a schooner trade business between the Coast and Halifax. The Doctor was away when she arrived, no appointments in those days. Due to this she missed her trip back with Uncle Sam. She remained all winter in Halifax. She got a job with the Darleys who were connected to Simpsons (Simpsons Sears Stores) in Halifax. She worked there until the first trader in the spring. While in Halifax she picked up her wedding dress an “off white affair” with shoes. Aunt Lill and Uncle Hiram got married the 16 October 1929 on Aunt Grace’s and Uncle Charlie’s anniversary. Aunt Lill was 29 years old and Uncle Hiram just “shy of his 33rd birthday”. Her father Grandpa “Dosh” wouldn’t “give her away”. He “gave away his other 2 daughters Annie and Bertha”. Aunt Lill said “she thought it was because they were thinking about who would take care of them in their old age”! Uncle Eli was then going to be “father giver” but he was away so Uncle Miney did it!  They were married in Christ Church (Anglican) in Harrington Harbour but the reception was held out at Grandpa Dosh’s on Fox Island. Dave Ransom was “bride’s boy for them and he was just 16 years old at the time and it was his first dance! He was bride’s boy 13 more times after that before he got married himself in 1943! 


Back in those days a wedding invitation was not an official looking envelope arriving in the mail. The invitation was such that the brides boys would take there guns and go to the homes of the people to be invited. They would open the door and ‘bawl out, you are invited to the wedding” and with that close the door and stand back firing a volley from their gun over the house! There was no recording who was actually coming, if you were invited you were expected to be there! For Aunt Lill’s wedding Uncle George and Uncle Bill Ransom brothers to the groom did the “gun firing invitations”.


Most wedding ceremonies were followed by a dinner reception. The meal probably consisted of a first course of soup made from wild game, partridge and rabbit were common ones. Then the main meal again usually consisted of some wild game with root vegetables, potatoes and gravy with homemade bread. Dessert was pies made from local wild berries, cakes and cookies. There was always a wedding cake. This quote was taken from the July 1948 issue of “Among the Deep Sea Fishers” “Some of their customs are unique. On the day of the wedding, for instance, a number of boys are delegated to fire a shot gun in front of each house before going in to give the wedding invitation. Even the nuptial ceremony is interrupted by heavy volleys as all available guns are rounded up and fired.” Alvin Buhr.


Date entered on the Web: 13 March 2005


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