From: The Quebecois Dictionary by Leandre Bergeron 1982

"ANGLO [aw-glo] adj. or m. or f. n. (abb. anglophone) Anglophone. English.
I comprends pas, c't'un Anglo. He doesn't understand, he's English."

"ANGLA [Aw-gla] adj. or m. n. (var. angalais)  1. English, Anglophone
2. Any person in Quebec who has adopted English as his everyday language, be he or she
Irish, Italian, Ukrain, Russian, German etc., but not Oriental."

"ANGLE [Awg'-le] m. n. (F:E mean)  1. Angle
2. Point of view. J'vois pas ca sous c'tangle-la. I don't see it from that angle."

The Angle chosen for this site is geared towards researching any Anglophones, Anglaphones
or Allophones in Montreal with main emphasis (for now) on Anglo-Protestants.

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