Robert Chamblet Adams

From: Canadian Men and Women of the Time 1898
Ed. By Henry James Morgan, Toronto, William Briggs, Richmond Street West, 1898

ADAMS, Robert Chamblet, retired navigator, is the son of the Rev. Nehemiah Adams, D.D., of Salem, Mass., by his wife, Martha Hooper of Marblehead. Born in Boston, Mass., 1839, he was sent to school there until the age of 14, from which time he followed a seafaring life for many years, becoming captain of merchant-vessels trading to all portions of the globe. 

He has for some years, resided in Montreal, where he is President of the Canadian Secular Union, and of the Montreal Pioneer Freethought Club, and is largely interested in the development, of phosphate and mica in Quebec and Ontario, and of silver and gold mines in B. C.  He is the author of several books, including  "On Board the Rocket," History of England in Rhyme," "History of the United
States in Rhyme," " Travels in Faith," " Pioneer Pith," etc. He is a director of the Sailors' Institute, Montreal, and was elected President of the Geol. Mining Assn. of P. Q., 1896. He is also President of the Medway Co., B. C. 

Politically, he is a Radical, and favours free trade, co-operation, and the fullest liberty for all. He also advocates reciprocity with, or annexation to the U. S. 

He married Miss Mary Emily Job, Liverpool, England.

Address: 45 Metcalfe Street, Montreal 

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