Joseph Ainey

From: "Canadian Men & Women of the Time 1912"
Ed. Henry James Morgan, Toronto, William Briggs, Richmond St. W., 1912

Ainey, Joseph, labour leader.

Born Montreal, P.Q., Nov. 24, 1864 ; educated in his native city and in Deschambault, P.Q. ; joined K. L., 1885 ; became President of the Fed. T. and L. Council., Montreal, 1897, and has filled many other offices connected with labour interests in Canada and the United States. 

He unsuccessfully contested Montreal (St. Mary's) as labour candidate (H. C.) in 1906; his platform on that occasion favoured state insurance against sickness and old age, suppression of convict labour in opposition to trade, the suppression of private banking concerns and the creation of state banks, absolute freedom of the press in pubilic affairs, election of judges by the people, the creation of a Minister of Labour, the abolition of the Senate, the abolition of the Harbour Commission of Montreal, and the fixing of the federal elections for a uniform date every 4 years. 

He became a member of the  Board of Conciliation and Inv. on Longshoremen's Grievances in 1907 and was elected Senior Controller, Montreal in 1910 (vote: 30,942) ; .

Religion: Roman Catholic
Residence:  399 Ave. de l'Hotel de Ville, Montreal.

"The father of organized labour in Montreal."-M. Herald.

" Shrewd in judgment and conservative in action, he represents the best type of trade unionist."-M. Herald.

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