From: "Montreal History and Gazeteer to the year 1892"
By Rev. J. Douglas Borthwick, John Lovell & Son, Montreal 1892

DICKSON ANDERSON is the second son of the late William James Anderson, M.D., L. K.C.S., of Edinburgh, Scotland, and was born at Pictou, Nova Scotia, on 14th June, 1845. His younger days were passed in schools at Toronto and Quebec ; his course of studies having been completed under the late Daniel Wilkie, LL.D., Principal of the High School, and afterwards under James Tom, the well-known teacher of Quebec. He was for a number of years in the employ of the firm of J. C. DeWolf & Co. and DeWolf & Vaughan, of Quebec. He then entered the employment of the Quebec Chronicle, on the staff of which he remained for several years. 

He came to Montreal in 1869, and commenced business as a ship-broker in connection with Mr. E. H. Duval, of Quebec, under the firm name of Duval, Anderson & Co. This firm was dissolved at the end of two years, and he formed a new partnership with Captain Charles H. McKenzie, under the style of Anderson, McKenzie & Co., continuing the business of the old firm. Captain McKenzie a few years later, becoming tired of business, retired, and Mr. Anderson. continued it on his own account and under the old name. His business has been a successful one. He is largely interested in shipping, both sail and steam, and his affairs, as a result of his close attention to business, are, we believe, most promising. 

Mr. Anderson's father, Dr. Anderson, was a well-known litterateur in Quebec. Not only was be President of the Quebec Historical Society, but he published some most interesting papers, such as " The Gold Fields of Canada," and " On the finding of Coal at Point Levis, Quebec." He also was the Author of the interesting "Tourist's Guide to Quebec." His most important work, however, was the "Life of the Duke of Kent in Nova Scotia." 

Mr. Dickson Anderson has now been in Montreal over twenty-two years, and he has done much to increase the foreign trade of the city. He is the Consul for the Hawaiian Kingdom, and ranks high in Masonry, being Past Deputy Grand Master, and during his term of office acting as Grand Master, owing to the illness of the Grand Master. His business consists of ship and steamship agent, forwarder and shipper of lumber, coal and deals. His two brothers are now in Montreal. The elder of the two, James W. Anderson, is in the lumber business, and represents one of the largest concerns in Quebec, and the younger, William J. Anderson, is employed in the Port Warden's office.

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