From: "A History of the Scotch Presbyterian Church, St. Gabriel Street, Montreal"
By Rev, Robert Campbell, M.A., 1887

Auldjo & Maitland were a firm of general merchants, dealing not only in dry goods, but also in ales and spirits. 

Alexander Auldjo, the senior partner, afterwards married Eweretta Jane Richardson, daughter of Hon. John Richardson. They were members of  St. Gabriel Street Church, as may be inferred from the fact that their son John Auldjo was baptized by Mr. Somerville in 1805. Mrs. Auldjo died in 1805, and shortly afterwards he removed to England with his two sons, Thomas and John. It was this John Auldjo who was the first Englishman to make the ascent of  Mt. Blanc, an adventure which gave him a high reputation as an enterprising tourist. He published an account of his experience,  which led soon afterwards to many further successful attempts to scale the monarch of the Alps. 

The firm acted as agents for the Pelican Life Insurance Company, as well as for the Phoenix Insurance Company, of  London, England,—the company which is still doing business in Montreal, under the management of  R. W. Tyre. The firm was afterwards enlarged by the addition of George Garden

Alexander Auldjo was elected a member of the temporal committee in 1809, when he was made vice-president. He was again chosen in 1810, and appointed president. He contributed ten pounds to the [St. Gabriel street church] debt in 1810. He and George Garden, members of the firm, occupied pews 72 and 73. 

George Auldjo, of the same firm, also married one of  Mr. Richardson’s daughters, on the 5th of October, 1816.

In 1792 the firm of Auldjo & Richardson subscribed ten guineas to the building of the St. Gabriel street church.

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