From: "The Canadian Album - Men of Canada or Success by Example"
Ed. Rev. Wm. Cochrane, Bradley, Garretson & Co., Brantford Ontario, 1894

EDWARD LANGLEY BOND, was born in Montreal, Quebec, 2 October, 1850. He is the youngest son of the Right Rev. William Bennett Bond, Lord Bishop of Montreal, whose name is familiar throught Canada, in connection with business and social matters. 

Mr Bond is the chief agent in Canada for the British and Foreign Marine, and Reliance Marine Insurance Companies of Liverpool, agent for the Province of  Quebec for the Norwich and London Accident Insurance Company of England, the Lloyd's Plate Glass Insurance Company of  New York, and local agent of the fire branch of the London Assurance Corporation, of England. He is also a member of the Board of  Trade and Corn Exchange, and treasurer of the Montreal Board of  Marine Underwriters

He has been closely connected with the military history of Canada for over twenty-five years, and was one of the first High School  boys to join the Cadet corps organised by the late Major Barnjum, in 1863, which furnished a large number of officers to the Militia, between the troubles of 1866 and 1870.  He was captain of No.2 Company of the cadets, when he joined the Prince of Wales regiment as ensign, in 1866, in order to take part in the defence of the Huntingdon border against the Fenians. He was also in command of No.6 Company of the same regiment at St Armand and Pigeon Hill, in 1870, and was appointed major of the Prince of Wales Rifles in 1873, and served until 1884, when he resigned, but on the regiment being called out for active service in the North West, in 1885, he was offered, and accepted the post of adjutant and second in command, and after the rebellion was checked,  resigned finally. 

Major Bond was one of the leaders of the "Equal Rights" movement in 1890, and is Vice President of the Dominion Alliance, for the suppression of the liquor traffic, and president of the Citizens League of Montreal, for the purpose of enforcing law, particularly that governing the sale of liquor.

He was married in 1872, to Kate Whitlaw, daughter of Charles Whitlaw, of Paris, Ontario.

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