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An alphabetical list of the merchants, traders and housekeepers residing in Montreal :
to which is prefixed a descriptive sketch of the town
by Thomas Doige
published by Thomas Doige, 1819
(LDS film # 1036105)

Hochelaga depicta : the early history and present state of the city and island of Montreal
A New Picture of Montreal , Embracing the Early History and Present State of the City and Island of Montreal
by Newton Bosworth
published 1839 by William Grieg, Montreal
(LDS film #

Hochelaga; or England in the New two parts
by Eliot Warburton
Wiley & Putnam, 1846

Montreal in 1856
A sketch prepared for the celebration of the opening of the Grand Trunk Railway of Canada
By a sub committe of the celebration committee (B. Chamberlain)
John Lovell, Montreal, 1856

A History of Montreal
By Francois Dollier De Casson 1868
Manuscripts relating to the early history of Montreal
Reprinted in English by

Ville-Marie : or, sketches of Montreal, past and present
by Alfred Sandham
published 1870 by G. Bishop, Montréal
(LDS film # 1036137)

It's History, to which has been added Biographical Sketches, with Photographs of Many of it's Principal Citizens
By Rev. J. Douglas Borthwick
Drysdale & Co., Montreal, 1875

History of Montreal and Commercial Register for 1885
By Rev. J. Douglas Borthwick
Gebhardt-Berthiame, Montreal 1885

Montreal After Two Hundred and Fifty Years 1642-1892
by W.D. Lighthall, M.D.
published by F.E. Grafton & Sons, Montreal 1892

Illustrated Montreal, The Metropolis of Canada
It's Romantic History, It's Beautiful Scenery, It's Grand Institutions, It's Present Greatness, It's Future Splendour 1892-93
by John McConniff 1894

Montreal Illustrated 1894
It's growth, resources, commerce, manufacturing interests, financial institutions, educational advantages and prospects; also sketches of the leading business concerns which contribute to the city's progress and prosperity. A brief history of the city from the foundation to the present time.
by The Consolidated Illustrating Company 1894

A Chronology of Montreal and of Canada from A.D. 1752 to A.D. 1893
Including commercial statistics, historic sketches of commercial corporations and firms and advertisements,
arranged to show in what year the several houses and corporate bodies originated;
together with calendars of every year from A.D. 1752 to A.D. 1925."
by Frederick Wm. Terrill
published by John Lovell & Son, Montreal 1893
(LDS film # 1320757)

Montreal Old and New
by Lorenzo Prince
International Press Syndicate c1900

Montreal 1535-1914 (3 volumes)
By William Henry Atherton
The S.J. Clarke Publishing Co., Montreal, 1914

Historic Montreal Past and Present
A Portfolio of Pictures of Montreal and Surroundings - Comprising Reproductions of Paintings by Canadian Artists
Showing Historical Places as They Stand Today - Together with a Collection of Carefully Chosen Photographs,
Giving a Comprehensive Panorama of Our Great City.
Assembled and edited by Geoffrey M. LeHain, Produced by the Montreal Lithograhing Company
Published by Henry Morgan & Co. Ltd., Montreal c 1920?

Old Montreal In The Early Days of British Canada 1778-1788
By William Henry Atherton, 1925

The Spell of French Canada
Contains notes on the History of Montreal and Quebec
By Frank O. Call
L.C. Page & Co., Boston, c1926

Old Montreal with Pen and Pencil
by Victor Morin 1929?

Montreal, the story of three hundred years
Contains history of Montreal from1642-1942.
by  John Irwin Cooper (1905- )
published Montreal  c1942

The Historical Records of Old Montreal
Text in English and French
by Victor Morin
published by Les Editions des Dix, Montreal 1944

The Lure of Montreal
by Walter P. Percival
Toronto, Ryerson Press c1945

Old Quebec in the Days before our Day
By Alexander D. Angus c 1946
Edited and Published for the family by Louis Carrier, Montreal
Local histories of Tadoussac, l'Ile d'Orleans, Chambly and Montreal

This was Montreal in 1814, 1815, 1816 and 1817
compiled by Lawrence Maurice Wilson (1896- )
"Life in Canada's metropolis as culled verbatim from the editorial, news and advertising columns of
The Montreal herald, a four- page weeking newspaper published nearly 150 years ago."
Privately printed for the Château de Ramezay, c1960

Montreal : island city of the St. Lawrence
by Kathleen Jenkins
published by  : Doubleday, Garden City, N.Y. c1966
Contains history from 1535 to the postwar years.

Montreal : from mission colony to world city
by Leslie Roberts
published by : Macmillan of Canada,  Toronto, c1969

Lost Montreal
by Luc d'Iberville-Moreau
published by Oxford University Press, Montreal, 1975
ISBN 19-540242-1


The Square Mile -  Merchant Princess of Montreal
By Donald MacKay (1925- )
published by Douglas & McIntire, Vancouver/Toronto, 1987
ISBN 0-88894-562-0

Mansions of the Golden Square Mile Montreal 1850-1930
by Francois Remillard and Brian Merrett
Meridian Press, Montreal, 1987
ISBN 2-920417-25-8

Remembrance of Grandure, The Anglo-Protestant Elite of Montreal 1900-1950
by Margaret W. Westley
published by Editions Libre Expression, Montreal, 1990
ISBN 2-89111-439-6

The Major Squares of Montreal
By Marc H. Choko
Meridian Press, Montreal, 1990
ISBN 0-929058-11-9

Habitants and merchants in seventeenth-century Montreal
by Louise Dechêne (1932- ) translated by Liana Vardi
McGill-Queen's University Press, Montréal, c1992

History of Montreal and Commercial Register for 1885
by John Douglas Borthwick (1832-1912)
Published by : Gebhardt-Berthiaume, Montréal  1885.
CIHM # 10199

History of the Harbour Front of Montreal since it's Discovery by Jacques Cartier in 1535
By William Henry Atherton 1935

Old Westmount
The Story of Westmount in Pictures and Words - an historical album from Indian times to 1920
By Helene Saly with Geraldine Lane
Published by the Old Westmount Club of Westmount High School, 1967

Montreal's Little Mountain - A Portrait of Westmount
By Aline Gubbay and Sally Hoff
Published by Trilliam Books, Westmount, 1979
ISBN 0-9690159-0-9

Lake Louise Old and New (2 Volumes)
(History of Lachine and surrounding area)
by Desire Girouard, 1893


The Stranger's Guide to the Island and City of Montreal
Containing a brief description of all that is remarkable in either
by Robert S. Mackay
Printed by Lovell & Gibson 1848

The St. Lawrence Hall, Montreal City Guide
The Canada Bank Note Company, 1885

Sights and Shrines of Montreal
A Topographical and Historical Description of the City and Environs
by W.D. Lighthall, M.D.
published by F.E. Grafton & Sons, Montreal 1892

Montreal and Vicinity
Being a History of the Old Town, a Pictorial record of the Modern City, it's Sports and Pastimes, and an Illustrated Description of  Many Charming summer Resorts Around
by N.M. Hinshelwood, Published 1903

Here and There in Montreal and the Island of Montreal
An Illustrated Descriptive guide to the Historical and Picturesque Landmarks and
Places of Interest in Montreal and Environs
by Charles W. Stokes, the Musson Book Co. Ltd, Toronto, 1924

The Historical Records of Old Montreal
(A descriptive walking tour of the Historical Plaques and Monuments in Montreal)
By Victor Morin, LLD
Published by Les Editions des Dix, Montreal, 1944


Old Montreal
John Clarke: His Adventures, Friends and Family
By his daughter, Adele Clarke, of Westmount
The Herald Publishing Company, Montreal, 1906

Looking Back
The life of Richard Hemsley, founder of  Hemsley's Jewellers on St. Catherine Street, with many recollections of life in Montreal during the 19th and early 20th century.
By Richard Hemsley, Montreal, 1930

The McGill You Knew - An Anthology of Memories 1920-1960
"Ninety-three McGill graduates & members of the faculty combined their skills to produce this intimate & nostalgic look at the McGill of not so long ago"
Edited by Edgar Andrew Collard, Longman Canada Limited, Don Mills, Ontario, 1975
ISBN 0-7747-0013-0

City Unique
Montreal Days and Nights in the 1940s and 50s
By William Weintraub, Published 1996 by McClelland & Stewart Inc., Toronto
ISBN  0-7710-8991-0


History of the Diocese of Montreal 1850-1910
by John Douglas Borthwick (1832-1912)
published by J. Lovell & Son, Montreal 1910

The Pearl of Troys
or Reminiscences of the Early Days of Ville Marie
"revealed to us in the heroic life of Sister Marguerite Bourgeoys, foundress and first superior of the congregation of Notre Dame, established at Ville Marie in the year 1653"
Canada Printing Company, Montreal, 1878

A History of the Scotch Presbyterian Church, St. Gabriel Street, Montreal
By Rev. Robert Campbell, M.A.,  W. Drysdale & Co., Publishers, 1887

The History of the Anglican Parish of Vaudreil, St. James Church, Hudson Heights
By Rev. E. C. Royle, 1955

One Hundred Years of Erskine Church, Montreal,  1833-1933
Published by the United Church of Canada 1934

Golden Jubilee of the Reverend Fathers Dowd and Toupin
With Historical Sketch of Irish Community of Montreal
Biographies of Pastors of Recollet and St. Patrick’s etc.
Ed. J.J. Curran, Q.C., M.P., Montreal, Lovell & Son, 1887

A History of Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal
By Frank Dawson Adams, Montreal, Burns Ltd., 1941

The Blessed Communion
The Origins and History of the Diocese of Montreal 1760-1960
By John Irwin Cooper, Published by The Archives Committee of the Diocese of Montreal, 1960

Centenary Book of the Parish of St. John the Evangelist, Montreal 1861-1961
Distributed by the Parish Office,2015 Kimberly St.

Life of Rev. Alexander Mathieson, D.D., minister of St. Andrew’s Church, Montreal
By The Rev. John Jenkins D.D., minister of St. Paul’s Church, Montreal
Dawson Brothers, St. James Street, Montreal, 1870

The Year of the Jubilee, Church of St. James the Apostle, Montreal 1864-1914
By Rev. Alan Pearson Shatford,  John Lovell & Son, Montreal c 1914

A Story of Seventy-five Years: St. Patrick's Church, Montreal 1847-1922
published by the Gazette, Montreal 1922

Recollections of The Right Rev. John Cragg Farthing, Bishop of Montreal, 1909-1939
By Rev. John Cragg Farthing, c1945

The Montreal Diocesan Theological College - A History from 1873-1963
by Oswald Howard
Published for the Montreal Diocesan Theological College by McGill University Press, 1963

History of the Presbyterian Church in Canada
From the Earliest Times, 1834 to the Present Time
W. Gregg, D.D., Presbyterian Printing and Publishing Company, Toronto, 1885

Cyclopedia of Methodism in Canada
By Rev. George H. Cornish, Methodist Book and Publishing House, Toronto, 1881

First Century of Methodism in Canada
By J.E. Sanderson, M.A., Published Toronto, William Briggs, 1910


McGill and its Story, 1821-1921
by Cyrus Macmillan,
published by John Lane, London, c1921

Oldest McGill
by Edgar Andrew Collard
MacMillan Company of Canada Limited, 1946

McGill - The Story of a University
Edited by Hugh MacLennan, Illustrated by John Gilroy
Published by George Allen and Unwin Ltd., London, England, 1960

The McGill You Knew - An Anthology of Memories 1920-1960
"Ninety-three McGill graduates & members of the faculty combined their skills to produce this intimate & nostalgic look at the McGill of not so long ago"
Edited by Edgar Andrew Collard, Longman Canada Limited, Don Mills, Ontario, 1975
ISBN 0-7747-0013-0

McGill University for the Advancement of Learning Volume I  1801-1895
by Stanley Brice Frost
McGill-Queen's University Press, Montreal, 1980
ISBN 0-7735-0353-6

We Walked Very Warily
A History of Women at McGill
by Margaret Gillett
Eden Press Women's Publications, Montreal, 1981
ISBN 0-920792-08-1

The History of the High School of  Montreal
By Dr.Rexford, Dr.Gammell and McBain, c1949

Loyola and Montreal - A History
by T.P Slattery, Montreal, Palm Publishers, 1962

Non Nobis Solum
The History of Lower Canada College, and it's Predecessor St. John's School
By Stephen Penton
Published by the corporation of Lower Canada College, 1972

The Study
A chronicle by Katherine Lamont
Privately pinted by the Study, Montreal, 1974

Roslyn: The Story of a Canadian School
by Molly Fripp, Ann Elbourne, and Maryla Waters, published c.1977

A History of Selwyn House School, Montreal 1908-1978
by Robert C. Moody with Robert A. Speirs
Published by Selwyn House Association, Westmount, Quebec, 1978
ISBN 0-9690882-0-5

Miss Edgar's and Miss Cramp's School - 1909-1984 - A Retrospect
Published by the Old Girl's Association of Miss Edgar's and Miss Cramp's School, 1984

Bishop's University 1843-1970
by Christopher Nicholl
Published for Bishop's University by McGill-Queen's University Press, 1994
ISBN 0-7735-1176-8

P.A.P.T. - The First Century
A History of the Provincial Association of Protestant Teachers of Quebec
By Allan D. Talbot
Harpell's Press, Gardenvale, Quebec, 1963


British regulars in Montreal : an imperial garrison, 1832-1854
by Elinor Kyte Senior
published by McGill-Queen's University Press, Montreal, 1981
LDS fiche # 6050957 (4 fiche)

The Royal Montreal Regiment, 1925-1945
by R. C. Fetherstonhaugh
published by Royal Montreal Regiment, Westmount, Quebec c1949

McGill Honour Roll, 1914-1918
McGill University, Montreal c1926

Montreal During the American Civil War
(reprints of pages from the 1862, '63 and '64 Journals of the Household brigade)
Published by the Montreal Military Museum c1965

True stories of New England Captives, carried to Canada during the Old French and Indian Wars
Baker, Alice C.
Mass. Cambridge 1897.

Troublous Times in Canada - A History of the Fenian Raids 1866-1870
By Captain John A. MacDonald (A veteran of 1866 and 1870)
Toronto, 1910


From Darkness to Light, History of the Eight Prisons which have been or are now in Montreal from AD 1760 to AD 1907, Civil and Military, Containing many Curious and Forgotten Items of Olden Times.
by John Douglas Borthwick (1832-1912)
published by the Gazette, Montreal, 1907
CIHM 71602

History of the Montreal Prison from AD 1784 to AD 1886,  Containing a Complete Record of the Troubles of 1837 1838 Burning of Parliament Buildings in 1849, the St. Albans Raiders 1864, the Two Fenian Raids of 1866 and 1870.
by John Douglas Borthwick (1832-1912)
published by: A. Periard, Montreal, 1886.
Call No 365 B59 BR (MTRL) CIHM 00186


History of Montreal including the Streets of Montreal, their Origin and History
by John Douglas Borthwick (1832-1912)
Published by : D. Gallagher, Montreal  1897.
CIHM 02839

How Our Streets Got Their Names
Published by the Montreal City Planning Department, 1961

Historical notes concerning the streets of Montreal and how they got their names
Published by the Montréal City Planning Dept, 1966 MTRL# 917.1428 M582.2
Edition published 1971.......MTRL# 017.1428 M582.3


The Training School for Nurses, Royal Victoria Hospital 1894-1943
By Marjorie Dobie Munroe, Montreal 1943

The Royal Victoria Hospital, Montreal 1896-1972
By Kathryn Symonds Catterill c.1972

Proud Heritage
The History of the Royal Victoria Hospital Training School for Nurses, 1894-1972
By Lynda deForest, Montreal 1994

A History of the Montreal General Hospital
By H.E. MacDermot
Published by the Montreal General Hospital, 1950

The Montreal General Hospital since 1821
The Sesquicentennial Committee, MGH, 1971
Edited by Edward H. Bensley, R. Roy Foresey & Jean C. Grout

The Montreal Children's Hospital - Years of Growth
by Jessie Boyd Scriver
Published for the Montreal children's Hospital by McGill-Queen's University Press, 1979
ISBN 0-7735-0342-0


Royal Society of Canada
Handbook for the use of members and visitors giving the rules of the society, it's history, and a historical sketch of Montreal with places of interest in it's vicinity May 27,1891
Complied by the local committee, Montreal [The Society],1891

The History of the Montreal Hunt
By John Irwin Cooper, published by the Montreal Hunt, 1953

The Saint James's Club
The story of the beginnings of the Saint James Club, and published on the occasion of the one hundredth anniversary.
By Edgar Andrew Collard, Montreal, 1957

One Hundred and Fifty Years of Curling 1807-1957
The Royal Montreal Curling Club
Privately Printed, Montreal 1957

Turn of the Mill
The History of the Pointe Claire Curling Club 1921-1971
privately published 1921

The Royal Montreal Golf Club 1873-1973
The Centenial of Golf in North America
Privately Published, Montreal, 1973

A Sporting Evolution: The Montreal Amateur Athletic Association, 1881-1981
published by the Montreal Amateur Athletic Association and Don Morrow, Montreal 1981

The Atwater: An Informal History of the Montreal Badminton and Squash Club, 1926-1994
by Gavin Drummond and Derek Drummond
published by the Montreal Badminton and Squash Club, Montreal 1993


Montreal, It's History, to which is added Biographical Sketches with Photographs of Many of it's Principal Citizens.
by John Douglas Borthwick (1832-1912)
Published by : Drysdale & Co., Montreal  1875.

Historical and Biographical Sketches from  Borthwick's Gazetteer of Montreal
by John Douglas Borthwick (1832-1912)
CIHM 25669

There's lots more - See Biographical Books


Board of Trade, Montreal, A Souvenir of the New Building
Sabiston Lithographic And Publishing Co., Montreal 1893

The Book of Montreal 1903, a souvenir of Canada's Commercial Metropolis
"Why it holds that distinction and who it's makers have been. A Story of a great city's commerce, finance and wealth, with something about it's advantages as a seaport, as a market, and as railway, manufacturing and educational centre."
Issued in Conjunction to the fifth Congress of the Chambers of Commerce of the British Empire -Held in Montreal, August 18th to 22nd, 1903.
published by Book of Montreal Company1903

The Centenary of the Bank of  Montreal 1817-1917
Privately printed 1917

Montreal Year Book 1930, The Story of a Great City
A Comprehensive Record of the Growth and Development of the Canadian Metropolis
published by Canadian Record of National Development Inc., 1930

Chronicles of Ogilvy, Renault 1879-1979
Published on the one hundredth anniversary of it's founding
by Douglas H. Tees, Montreal, 1979

The Molson Saga 1763-1983
(A history of the Molson family and the Molson Brewery)
By Shirley E. Woods Jr.
Published by Doubleday, Toronto, 1983
ISBN 0-385-17863-8; Library of Congress call # 82-45212

The Morgans of Montreal
(A history of the Morgan family and the Morgan department store - the first department store in Canada)
by David Morgan
Privately printed, Toronto, 1992
ISBN 0-9696676-0-4

Redpath - The History of a Sugar House
By Richard Feltoe
Published by Natural Heritage/Natural History Inc., Toronto, 1991
ISBN 0-920474-67-5

Let Redpath Sweeten It
(a continuation of the previous book which left off in the 1930s)
By Richard Feltoe
Published by Natural Heritage/Natural History Inc., Toronto, 1993
ISBN 0-920474-76-4


The Irish in Quebec: An Introduction to the Historiography
by: Robert Grace

A Register of Deceased persons at Sea and on Grosse Ile in 1847
by Andre Charbonneau and Doris Drolet-Dube

1847, Grosse Ile: A Record of daily events,
by Andre Charbonneau and Andre Sevigny


A Chronicle of Lower Canada by Jan Henry Morgan

Canada's War at Sea. two volumes in one.
Leacock, Stephen and Leslie Roberts
Montreal Beatty 1944

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