From: :A History of Quebec, It's Resources and People
By Benjamin Sulte, Dr, C.E. Fryer & Sen. L.O. David, Canadian History Company, Montreal and Toronto, 1908 


The subject of this review, David Robertson Brown, ranks among the foremost architects of the Dominion of Canada, and in the city of Montreal there are many large and artistic buildings that stand as monuments of his skill and ingenuity in his profession. He was born in Montreal in the year 1869, the son of James Brown and Elizabeth Robertson.

Like many other notable Montreal citizens, Mr. Brown derived his educational privileges at the Montreal High School. He possessed an inherent taste for drawing, and on leaving school he studied architecture in all its phases in Montreal and Boston, in the former city under Mr. A. F. Dunlop and Mr. A. C. Hutchison. In 1892, having by this time acquired a thorough knowledge of his chosen calling, he commenced the practice of his profession on his own account in Montreal, and later entered into partnership with Mr. Hugh Vallance under the firm style of David R. Brown and Hugh Vallance, which is today one of the most prominent architectural firms in Montreal. Mr. Brown's ability and energy has led to his selection as President of the Quebec Association of Architects, which post he now fills with much acceptability. 

To show he has a comprehensive knowledge of the principles and details of building construction and architecture, it is sufficient to enumerate the following magnificent buildings he has designed in Montreal, which stand for the beautification of the city, namely, the Board of Trade Building, Montreal Amateur Athletic Association, Olivet Baptist Church, the new Medical Building of McGill University, and the Children's Memorial Hospital, now in course of construction. 

Mr. Brown has also constructed several large manufacturing and commercial establishments, among which may be mentioned the following plants: The Standard Shirt Company, Southam Building on Alexander Street, Jenkins Bros. Limited, and the Canadian Spool Cotton Company at Maisonneuve, the latter being the Canadian business of the firm of J. & P. Coates, of Paisley, Scotland. 

Mr. Brown is a member of the Architectural League of New York and a member of the Montreal Board of Trade. Both his public and private life have been characterized by the utmost fidelity of duty, and he stands as a high type of honorable citizenship and straightforward manhood, enjoying the confidence and winning the respect of all with whom he has been brought in contact in business life.

In 1900 Mr. Brown married Harriet Fairbairn Robb, second daughter of William Robb, City Treasurer, Montreal. He is a member of the Canada Club, the Manitou Club, the Beaconsfield Golf Club, and the Royal St. Lawrence Yacht Club.

From: " A National Reference Book on Canadian Men and Women" 1936

BROWN, David R., Architect, 980 St. Catherine St. W., Montreal, Que.

Born Montreal, Quebec, Aug 28, 1869, son of  James Brown and Elizabeth Robertson . Educated Montreal High School.   Architect for Medical Building, McGill University;  University of Saskatchewan;  Regina College, Regina;  St. Chad's College, Regina;  Presbyerian College, Saskatoon;  Board of Trade Building, Montreal;  Quebec Bank, Winnipeg;  Herald Building, Calgary;  Canada Life Assurane Co's. building, Calgary and Regina.  

Ex president Province of Quebec Association of Architects;  Past  president Royal; Architectural Institute;  Fellow, Royal Institute British Architects;  Fellow, Royal Architectural Institute of Canada.  

Married Harriet Fairbairn Robb, daughter of the late William Robb, Montreal, 1900; has one son. 

Clubs: St. James' ClubRoyal Montreal Golf.  United Church. 
Res.: 1227 Sherbrooke St. West, Montreal, Que.
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David Robertson Brown was born August 28, 1869 in Montreal, son of James Brown and Elizabeth Robertson (half sister of Andrew Robertson). His paternal grandparents David Brown and Hannah Dalziel, had emmigrated from Edinburgh, Scotland in 1833.

On March 22, 1900 he married Harriette Fairbairn "Hattie" Robb, daughter of William Robb, city treasurer and Margery Ballantyne. Hattie's maternal grandparents were John Ballantyne and Margaret Fairbairn, daughter of Thomas Fairbairn and Elspeth Redpath (half sister of John Redpath of  Redpath Sugar), and sister of John Fairbairn.

From The Montreal Star   March 23rd 1900.


Last evening, the 22nd instant, at half past six, a large crowd of friends as well as casual spectators, assembled in ErskineChurch, to see the pretty wedding of Miss Harriett Fairbairn Robb, second daughter of Mr. William Robb, City Treasurer, and Mrs. Robb, to Mr. David Robertson Brown, architect of Montreal.  The ceremony was preformed by the Rev. A.J. Mowat, pastor of the church, assisted by the Rev. Mr. Oxley of Westmount. The church was very beautifully decorated in white and green, palms, spirea, and lillies, being used in profusion. Proffessor Cornish presided at the organ and played with much expression and charm. The bride entered the church with her father, Mr. William Robb, who gave her away, and was much admired in her handsome bridal toilette. The wedding gown was a most beautiful one of rich ivory satin brocade, with full train, and yoke, and sleeves of finely tucked chiffon and lace. The front of the skirt was of accordian plaited chiffon, with dainty frills of chiffon and lace, and orange bloosoms were upon the skirt.  The wedding veil was caught with a white waterfall feather, and a lovely shower bouquet of white roses and asparagus fern was carried. The gift of the bridegroom was a beautiful diamond and emerald ring, and the bride also wore a handsome pearl and gold sunburst.

There were two bridesmaids, Miss Winnifred Robb, sister of the bride, and Miss Annie A. Brown, sister of the groom.  They wore extremely pretty dainty dresses of white silk, the trained skirts having soft frills, and the bodices made with transparent yokes and sleeves of silk and lace, and having long graceful fichus.  In their hair they wore a chou of white tulle with a yellow centre, and an osprey, and carried bouquets of yellow daffodils with tulle streamers. To the bridesmaids the groom gave a handsome gold bar with pearl fleur de lis. The groomsman was Mr. William Frew Robertson, and the ushers were Mr. W.B. Robb, Mr. J.C. Patterson, Mr. F.G. Robb and Mr. David McGill

After the ceremony Mr. And Mrs. Robb entertained a large number of friends at the reception held at their residence, 384 Mountain Street.  The drawing room was decorated in yellow and white, and the dining room where the wedding supper was served, in pink and white.  The bride's going away gown was a tailor-made suit of mixed brown and blue, worn with a silk blouse and a smart turban of blue straw with foliage and ribbon.  Mr. And Mrs. Brown left by the evening train for a trip to New York and Washington, and upon their return will reside on Sherbrooke Street, at the corner of Shuter Street.  The gowns they wore were very handsome.Mrs. Robb, mother of the bride, wore a very rich dress of black satin brocade , trimmed with fringe.  The bodice had a yoke and cuffs of tucked white satin and petunia velvet with bow knots appliqued on the yoke, and a long black net fichu.  Mrs. Brown, mother of the groom, wore black moire, trimmed with white Maltese lace and toque to match. The presents were excedingly  handsome and very numerous.

Among the invited guests to the ceremony and reception were the following:

Dr. and Mrs. AULTDr. and Mrs. ANDERSON,   The Misses ATWATER,  Mr. and Mrs. A. A. AYER,  Miss AYER, Messrs AYER, Mr. AMBROSE (Hamilton), Mr. C. R. ARMSTRONG

Dr. BLODGETT (Boston), Mr. Thomas BROWN, Misses BROWN, Mr. and Mrs. David BROWN, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph BROWN (Glasgow), Mr. and Mrs. John A. BROWN (Paisley), Mr. Percy A. BROWN (Edinburgh),   Mr. Stuart H. BROWN,   Mr. J. Stanley BROWN, Mr. and Mrs. James BROWN, Miss Brown, Mr. Percy BELLHOUSE, Dr. BYERS, Mr. and Mrs. George BOULTER, Misses Boulter,   Mr. and Mrs. R. A. BECKET,   Miss BECKETT,   Mr. R. A. BECKET,   Mrs. and Miss BLACK, Mr. and Mrs. John BLACK, Mr. and Mrs. John BEATTIE, Mr. and Mrs. Sam BELL

Mr. and Mrs. Fred CLAXTON (Victoria B.C.),   Dr. and Mrs. G.B. CLARKE (London Eng.),   Mr. J. Hally CRAIG(London Eng), Mrs. and the Misses CLARKE,  Mr. Arthur CLIFTDr. and Mrs. CAMPBELL, Mr. and Mrs. E. H. COPELAND, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh CAMERON, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. CORNISH, Mr. and Mrs. Fred CAIRNS

Mr. and Mrs. DANIELS (New York), Mr. and the Misses DARLING , Mr. W. A. DesBARETS, Miss DENOON,Mr. and Mrs. C.W. DAVIS, Mr. and Mrs. R. A. DUNTON,   Dr. and Mrs. L. H. DAVIDSON,

Mrs. ENDELL,   


Mr. and Mrs. J. R. GORDON,   

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan HODGESON,   Mr. and the Misses HICKS, The Rev. H. and Mrs. HORSEY (Abbotsford),  Mr. and Mrs. Alex HYDE (Quebec),  Mr. and Mrs. Rufus HOLDEN, Miss HUNSICKER,  Mr. and Mrs. J. H. HUTCHISON,   Miss HEUBACH,   Mrs. HALDANE,   Mr. HAMMING

Mr. and Mrs. JAFFRAY,   Mr. and Miss JOYCE (Detroit),   Mrs. James JOHNSTON,   The Misses JOHNSTON

Mr. and Mrs. J. C. KING,   

Mr. and Mrs. J. H. LABBE, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. LAING,   Mr. and Mrs. Peter LAING, Mr. and Mrs. J. K. LAWDER, The Misses LAWDER, Mrs. J. K. LAMB, The Misses LAMB,  

Mr. and Mrs. J. T. McCALL, The Rev. and Mrs. McCOLL,   The Misses MacINTYRE,  Mr. and Mrs. A. H. B. MacKENZIE, Mr. D. McGILL, Mr. and Mrs. Clement MacFARLANE, The Misses MacDONALDCapt. and Mrs. MACALLASTER, Mr. and Mrs. McDUNNOUGH, Miss McDunnough, Mr. and Mrs. Anson McKIM, Mr.and Mrs. and the Misses MARTIN (New York), Mrs. MORRICE,   Mr. and Mrs. F. MUSSEN,   Mr. and Miss MOSS, Mr. and Mrs. P. MacINTOSH, Rev. A. J. and Mrs. MOWATT,   

Mr. J. M. NILES,   Miss NICHOLSON,   Mr. and Mrs. W. NOTMAN, Mr. and Mrs. Charles NOTMAN,  Mr. and Mrs. Charles NORTON,   

Rev. M. S. OXLEY,  

Mrs. and the Misses PERRY (Toronto), Mr. and Mrs. John PATERSON,   Mr. John C. PATERSON,   Mr. and Mrs. J. PATERSON, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh PATON, Mr. and Mrs. James PATON,  Mr. and Mrs. J. W. PYKE,  Miss Pyke, Mrs. and Misses PHILBIN,  Mrs. G. D. PHILLIPS,

Mr. and Mrs. RUSSELL (Winnipeg),  Dr. and Mrs. REDDY, Miss ROBERTSON, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. ROBERTSON, Mr. and Mrs. George ROBERTSON, Mr. Alexander ROBERTSON, Mr. W. Frew ROBERTSON,   

Mrs. J. F. STEVENSON, Mr. Alfred STEVENSON,    Dr. F. A. STEVENSON, Mr. and Mrs. B. B. STEVENSON,  Miss SANGSTER,  Miss SCHULTZ,  Mr. and Mrs. W. SLESSOR, Miss Slessor, Mr. George SAVAGE,   Mrs. SHAW,  Dr. and Mrs. Grant STEWART,    Mr. and Mrs. Wm. STARKE, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. SMITH,  Mr. and Mrs. SHERRARD, Lieut. Col. and Mrs. STRATHY,   Miss SUTHERLAND, Mr. and Mrs. George SUMNER,   

Mr. B. TOOKE,   Miss Tooke,   Dr. F. A. TOOKE,   Mr. Arthur TOOKE, Mr. and Mrs. TEMPLETON (Napanee), Mr. W. M. TAYLOR, Mrs. TREW (Portland), 

Mr.Hugh VALLANCE (Boston),

Dr. and Mrs. WARDEN (Toronto),   Mr. and Mrs. James WILLIAMSON,   Mrs. WHITEHEAD, Mr. and Mrs. Walter WILLIAMS,  Mr. and Mrs. James WALKER, Mr. David S. WALKER,   Mr. Fred S. WARREN, Mr. and Mrs. WAUGH,  Mr. and Mrs. R. WHITE,  Misses WHITE,  Mr. S. WHITE

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. YUILE

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