From: The Montreal Daily Star, Wednesday, February 25, 1891

Funeral of the Late John Ogilvy Brown

The funeral of the late John Ogilvy Brown, which took place yesterday afternoon, was rendered impressive, by the large number of Masons in regalia, and the many well-known citizens who attended it. The late Mr. Brown, who's death at the great age of 81 years was announced a few days ago, was a well-known figure in Montreal for a great many years, more especially when as John O. Brown, auctioneer, he captured the town with his suavity in business matters.

A native of Montreal, he took great pride in seeing the city's advancement, from what he knew of it in his boyhood days. During the Rebellion of 1837 he volunteered for service in the field, and played the part of a loyal man. He was a member of the first property protection fire company of this city, when the company's to ??? fire were simple hand buckets. He was the last surviving member of the original chartered members of St. George's Lodge of Masons No. 400 English register. 

His father [James Brown]was at one time publisher and proprieter of the Montreal Gazette and owner at that time of the first paper mill erected in Canada. These mills were put up at St. Andrews.

The deceased leaves a family of three sons and two daughters, one of whom is married. Mr. Brown was a great favorite and highly esteemed for his many good qualities.

*Researching John Ogilvy Brown................  Alan O. Brown   gg grandson

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