Montreal Photographer c1880s-1890s?

Oliver B. Buelle was born in Illinois in 1844, and came to Montreal where he married a Canadian.  
He photographed Montreal, but is best known for his photographs of the Riel Rebellion in Manitoba 
in 1885. He also worked for the CPR alongside of other notable Montreal photographers such as Alexander Henderson and William McFarlane Notman. Oliver Buell died in Montreal in 1910.

Here are some of his Montreal stereoviews:

"Court House, Montreal" (No. 8422 - c1880s)     From the collection of Marc G. Vallieres

"Albert's Building, Montreal" (No. 8423 - c1880s) From the collection of Marc G. Vallieres

         [on St.James Street, on the South side of Victoria Square]

"Bonsecours Market, Montreal" (No. 8432 -c1880s)                                                     

COLLECTIONS (contain some Montreal photos, but mostly his Canadian-West work)

Notman Archives, McCord Museum
National Archives of Canada
CPR Photo collection (note: some of the links to the photos on this site are broken)
Glenbow, Alberta Archives 

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