From: "T.C.S. Old Boys at War"
Published by the Old Boys Association, Trinity College School, Port Hope, Ontario, June 1948

Byers, Alan Gordon (28-31), was born December 12, 1915, at Montreal. He spent three years at T.C.S. and in his final year was a member of the Fifth McGill Form, won his Littleside Gym. colours and played on the Littleside hockey team. In 1931 he left for Switzerland, spending a year at the Institute Sillig. On his return to Canada, he entered McGill University as a Commerce student, graduating with high standing. He then studied to become a Chartered Accountant and on qualifying in the examinations, joined the firm of  Haskell, Elderkin and Company in Montreal.

He enlisted in the R.C.A.F  in 1939 and received his wings and commission as Pilot Officer in 1940.  He was posted to a fighter group on the Pacific coast where he served for some time He later served on coastal patrol duty on the Atlantic seaboard, being promoted to Flying Officer in 1941 and to Flight Lieutenant in 1942. In May 1944 he was reported missing with his crew of twelve in a bomber while on duty breaking up icebergs. Early in 1945 he was officially presumed dead.

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