(formerly Calvary, Zion and Bethlehem Congregational Churches)
Westmount, Quebec

A small group of men and women began Calvary Congregational Church as a mission of Zion Congregational Church in 1877.  It became an organized church with the purchase of property on the west side of Guy Street between St. Antoine and Dorchester. 

When the C.P.R. bought some of the church land in 1896, $10,000 was given to part of the congregation to establish a new church in Westmount.  The building, at the south-east corner of Western (now de Maisonneuve) and Clarke Avenues was called Bethlehem. The C.P.R. bought more of Calvary Church property in 1911 after a legal battle. 

In 1912 Calvary Congregational and Bethlehem Congregational Church united to build a new church at the corner of Dorchester and Greene Avenues in Westmount and the Bethlehem church was sold to the Lutherans.

T.W. Jones' association with Calvary Church was longer than most ministers. It began in 1912 when, as a student, he assisted the minister Dr. Martin. He left to serve with the Military Y.M.C.A. during both World Wars. He was ordained and inducted as pastor in 1921.  He remained at Calvary until his death in 1951.

In June 1925 Calvary Congregational joined the United Church of Canadaand became Calvary United Church

In 1961 due to a declining congregation Calvary amalgamated with Westmount Park United Church. The building at Greene and Dorchester was razed, the memorial windows having been moved to other churches.  Two are in Webster Hall at Westmount Park United and one is in the chapel at Erskine and American United Church.

Source: United Church Archives - Beverly Levine

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