The St. Joseph Street Church began as a mission station established in 1861 by the Board of City Missions of the Presbyterian Church in Montreal. Sunday School was conducted in a building owned by M. A. Cantins at 1070 Notre Dame Street West and soon after morning services were held.  In 1862 John Redpath bought land from William Watson and the front part of the building was erected.

The church formally opened in 1863 and was called St. Joseph Street Canada Presbyterian Church. Also that year, a school*  providing an English and  commercial education was established by the church.  It was funded by Mr. John Redpath and Mr. George A. Drummond  and administered by the Session. In 1868 it was taken over by the Protestant Board of School Commissioners. The rear of the building was added in 1865. In 1865 the Church became self-supporting and by 1876 the debt was paid off. In 1876 the building was rented to a French Protestant congregation until it could get its own. In 1878 a mortgage was taken out to build galleries and rooms in wings of the church.

When the street name changed in 1887 the church became Calvin Presbyterian. The church opened a branch Sunday School in St. Henri in 1886. In 1890 alterations were carried out, including the addition of stained glass windows. In 1909 the branch Sunday School was taken over by St.Andrew's Westmount.  In the same year St. Andrew's donated a pipe organ to Calvin.

In 1916 the congregations of Calvin  Presbyterian and Westminster Presbyterian  voted to amalgamate becoming Calvin Westminster Presbyterian Church.

Source: Presbyterian Archives - Kim Arnold

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