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Although the National Archives of Canada lists 1811, 1813, 1816, 1832 and 1835 in their collection of Montreal census returns these five are not real censuses (as noted in the Montreal 1811 census section), but rather lists of potential jurors for the Courts. Therefore they do not necessarily list everybody.

The introduction page on the NAC film # H-1758 states:

RG 4, B 19 
MONTREAL, Lower Canada:  Lists of Jurors, 1811-1835

Volumes 1-6 6cm 

The seven volumes in this series were compiled by the Sheriff of Montreal or other officials of that judicial district from assessment records to identify the householders having the property or income which made them liable for jury duty or qualified them to vote.  The lists are variously titled, with volume 1A bearing the misleading title "City of Montreal - Census" but are much alike in content. 

Volumes 1 and 1A are completely manuscript records, but volumes 2-6 were compiled on identical pre-printed elephant folio sheets and bound alike within marbled boards.  The letter designations which identify the latter volumes suggest they formed part of the Provincial Secretary and Registrar's filing system at some point. 

The shelf list which follows this inventory entry provides further details on the dates of the volumes and the nature of their contents.  The listings within the volumes are generally arranged by street within each quarter or district of the city and its suburbs.  Numbers indicate the sequence of entries;  they do not indicate house numbers on a street.  The entries include name of the householder, profession and property qualifications.  Annotations indicate deaths and absences, dates of jury service and qualification to serve on specific juries.  The abbreviations KBG, KBP, QSG and QSP indicate Grand and Petit Jurors for the Courts of King's Bench and of Quarter Sessions, respectively.  The dating of the volumes is to some extent based on the annotations. 

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Sample page from the 1811 list:

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