Central United Church
(formerly Mountain Street Methodist & Inspector Street Mission)

Central United Church began as the Wesleyan Chapel, a branch of  St. James Street Methodist Church in 1833. The first building was constructed in St. Ann's suburb on Wellington Street near McGill in 1834. It opened for worship on January 21, 1834. A day school was opened in the basement  in 1836. It was destroyed by fire in 1847 and a new building was erected at the corner of Ottawa and Ann streets and remained the home of the congregation until 1887. It was called both Montreal Second Methodist and Ottawa Street Methodist Church

Due to unprecedented flood in the spring of 1887 the decision was made to move to higher ground. The new building was at the corner of Mountain and Torrance. The name changed to Mountain Street Methodist. It opened for worship on February 13, 1887. The dedication service was held on May 6, 1888. The church suffered damage in two fires, one in 1922 and one in 1930.

Mountain Street Methodist  entered the United Church of Canada in 1925.  In 1931 it amalgamated with the Inspector Street Mission of the American Presbyterian Church to form Central United Church. The Inspector Street Mission was opened in 1863.

Until 1854 Mountain Street Church was known as the Montreal Centre circuit of the British Wesleyan Conference. From 1854 to 1866 it was the Montreal West circuit of the newly formed Canada Wesleyan Conference and from 1867 to 1870 as Montreal South.

In 1940 Central United joined with Calvin Westminster to form Westminster Central United Church. The former Central United building now houses the Old Brewery Mission.

Source: United Church Archives - Beverly Levine

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