(1877- 1955)

From: "The Storied Province of Quebec Past and Present"
Ed. Col. William Wood, Dominion Publishing Company, Limited, Toronto 1931

Since August, 1928, chief agent in Canada of the Aetna Life Insurance Company, of  Hartford, Connecticut, U.S.., Ernest J. Christms has served this orgnization for many years. He was born in Montreal, Province of  Quebec, October 10, 1877, a son of  Thomas Henry Christmas, and was educated in the local public schools and at the Collegiate Institute of  Montreal

When he was eighteen years of age he entered business under the jurisdiction of  his father and became local manager for the Aetna Life Insurance Company, with which his father had been associated since  June 3, 1866. On January 1, 1907, he became a partner in the firm of  T.H. Christmas and Sons, his brother, Henry Albert Christmas, deceased, having also been a member of the firm until his death in 1928.

In addition to his business activities, Mr. Christmas has served as school trustee and town councillor of 
St. Hilaire, where he mintains his family residence. He is also prominently identified with such activities as football, hockey and lacrosse and has held the office of president of the Montreal Toboggan and Skating Club. He belongs to the Montreal Athletic Association, the Engineers Club, the Beloeil Golf Club and the St. Hilaire Golf Club. He attends the Union Church.

Ernest James Christmas married, in June, 1906, Bertha S.M. Evans, daughter of  Fred W. Evans and Mary L. Wilcocks. Their children are:
1. Carberry E. Christmas, born at Westmount, Quebec, April 8, 1907
2. Kenneth E. Christmas, born at Westmount, March 12, 1911
3. E. Evans Christmas, born at Westmount, May 30, 1913
4. Beverly E. Christmas, born at St. Hilaire, November 1, 1914

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