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Records in Quebec have always been recorded and kept as Catholic or non-Catholic.  There was no civil registration as there was in other provinces so church records are your main source for births marriages and deaths. 

Knowing the religion of your ancestors is the first and most important piece of information to find  before you embark on any research of this kind. Catholic or non-Catholic is all you need to know to begin.

  Montreal may not have civil registration indexes, but they have 2 wonderful sets of Birth, Marriage and Death (BMD) indexes dating from1760-1994 for non-Catholics. Below are lists of the index films for pre-1900 and for the 20th century stating what's contained on them and the LDS film # s so you can order them into your local FHC. 

At this point I don't know of any Montreal indexes or Church records on-line except the few very early records (1766-1788) that I'm extracting from old Canadian Archive reports

When indexing of the church records first began a few decades ago, it began with the smaller project in Montreal - the non-Catholics. For some reason, possibly lack of funds for the project, the indexing of Catholic records never happened. More will be written on researching Catholic church records at a later date.

Pre-1900 BMD INDEXES (or is that Indices?)
Index of baptisms, marriages and deaths
for non-Catholics of Montreal and rural parishes to 1899.
FFSQ film # 
LDS film #
BAPTISMS (1766-1899) and MARRIAGES (1760-1874) 
MARRIAGES  (1875-1899) and  DEATHS  (1768-1899)

The best tool you will ever use for tracking down those 
elusive non-Catholic Montreal family members!

Each of the categories (Births, Marriages and Deaths) are divided into 3 sections:

  •  pre-1835
  • 1835-1874
  • 1875-1899
What's included in the index??.....


  • name of child, listed alphabetically by surname
  • year of baptism (and sometimes also the year of birth if not the same)
  • name of the church where the baptism occured, and the folio (page) number from the original church record (for easy searching when you view the church films)
  • name of groom*listed alphabetically by surname
  • name of his lovely bride
  • year of the marriage
  • name of the church where the marriage occured, and the folio (page) # on the original church record
*Unfortunately marriages are only listed in the index by male surnames with the exception of the pre-1835 section, which is indexed by both male and female surnames.  But, the Quebec Family History Society's busy volunteers have been indexing the 1835-1874 and 1875-1899 marriages by female surnames.


  • name of deceased, listed alphabetically by surname
  • year the death occured
  • name of the church, and the folio (page) number from the original church record

Now What?? Once you're armed with the year, church and folio number from the index, the next step is to order the appropriate church film to view the original record. For this see:

Montreal Protestant Churches
to find a complete listing of Protestant Churches in Montreal by religion, from their beginning till today,
including dates of operation, with links to church histories, film numbers and the appropriate Archives.

For a listing of early Protestant births, marriages and deaths in Montreal see:
Register of the Anglican Parish of Montreal 1766-1787
84th Regiment of Foot  - Births 1779-1787
84th Regiment of Foot - Marriages 1779-1788

Yes! There is an index for Montreal non-Catholic births, 
marriages and deaths for the 20th century.
But there are a few important points you should note:

1. Indexing seemed to slack off during the 1970s so from around 1970 onward the indexes are incomplete. The good news is that there are less films to order, but the bad news is that your relatives may not be in the index.

2. There are many reels per section/decade in the 20th century indexes. This is due to the way in which the indexes have been set up. In the pre 1900 indexes and the 1900-1925 marriages and death indexes the names are on a typed list showing 70 or 80 entries per page. On the 20th century films the indexes are photographs of index cards - giving you only 3 names per page when photocopying.

3. Like many places in the world, privacy laws rule for the 20th century. Unlike the 19th century, there are no corresponding church films to accompany the 20th century indexes. Access to these records is through the various Church Archives and disclosure of this information is up to the discresion of the individual archivist. See Researching 20th Century Church Records.

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