(first known as Cote Street Free Church)

Cote Street Free Church was established in 1845 following the disruption of the Presbyterian Church of Canada in connection with the Church of Scotland. In 1844 at the disruption, the majority of members of the St. Gabriel Street Church supported the Free Church but the property was disputed and the Free Church majority erected a separate building, which became Cote Street Free Church. In 1847 the building was located on the east side of Cote Street just above St. Antoine (Craig Street). 

In 1877-1878, following the 1875 union of Presbyterian denominations in Canada, the congregation erected a new building on Crescent Street at Dorchester, and it was re-named Crescent Street Presbyterian Church.  

In 1918 Cresecent Street Church united with Knox Church and the new congegation was named Knox Church, Crescent Street. This became shortened to Knox-Crescent Church. 

In 1947, Knox-Crescent was united with Kensington Church and re-named   Knox-Crescent-Kensington Church

In  1984  Knox-Crescent-Kensington  was  amalgamated  with  First Presbyterian Church to form Knox-Crescent-Kensington and First.

Source: Presbyterian Archives - Kim Arnold
1907 postcard from the collection of Patty Brown

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