Wayne Curtis was born July 29, 1929 in Sutton, Vermont, son of Avery Robert Curtis of Sutton, and Violet "Irene" Clark of Sherbrooke, Quebec. In  1936, during the depression, Wayne went to Montreal  to live with his uncle Horace H. Clark, who owned Clark's Pharmacy in the Drummond Medical Building (which was owned at the time by the Birks family).  He attended Guy Drummond School Public School and Strathmore Academy before going onto Bishop's University in Lennoxville in 1946. 

Upon graduating in 1948 he was hired by Atlas Insurance Co. in Montreal.  In 1950 during a regular trip to the U.S., to visit family, Wayne was stopped at the border by an American Immigration Agent enquiring as to whether he had applied for the draft, which was expected of all Americans when they reached the age of 18. Replying that he hadn't applied because he'd been living in Montreal since he was 7 years old, Wayne was told that if he didn't apply  he wouldn't be allowed to return home to Canada. He applied for the draft and in his own words "was put on the mailing list". Six months later he was called to enlist.

From 1951 to 1953 Wayne was in Korea serving as Private First Class and later as Coporal with SCARWAF (Special Catagory Army Reassigned With Air Force), a division of the Corps of Engineers  in the U.S. Army. Upon release of his 2 year tour of duty he joined an organization know as "Pine Tree", a joint Canadian/American defense project which took him to Newfoundland, Labrador, and eventually back to Montreal where, in 1954 he returned to the insurance business. In 1969 he married  Ivy Mallalieu of Newfoundland and Sutton, Quebec. 

Like many English-speaking Montrealers who left Montreal in the latter part of this century, the Curtis family moved to Toronto in 1979. Today Wayne Curtis is retired from the insurance business, but is active in many activities including being one of the archivists for the Toronto Post Card Club. You'll see postcards from Wayne's personal collection in various pages on this site including the "Canadian Pacific Railway employee sketches".

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