James Dalrymple was born in l'Assomption, Quebec, on October 12, 1847, the youngest of the 12 children of Robert Dalrymple (b 1789) and Ann Elizabeth Furry (b 1806). His father had been born in Fifeshire, Scotland, and emigrated to Canada; he arrived in Montreal in 1814. Ann was Montreal-born.

In 1870, before he married, James enlisted in the Montreal Garrison Artillery and fought as a gunner in the Trout River Fenian Raid from late May through June. His medal is still in the family.

The following year, in October, James married Mary Letitia Murphy in the Centenary Methodist Church in Pointe St. Charles. The first of their nine children was born in 1873; the last, in 1891. Unfortunately, Mary Letitia died at age 46 of cancer.

James married again at about age 53. His second wife was Elsie Edith Pearson, and she was only about 29 at the time. They had three sons, the youngest of whom, Kenneth Cowen Morell Dalrymple, was born in 1909. James was then in his early 60s. He died Dec. 1, 1922 in Montreal and is buried in a family plot in Mount Royal Cemetery.

Ken Dalrymple's daughter Lesley Dalrymple is the last of this part of the line, but scattered across Canada are many descendants from James's first marriage and those of his brothers and sisters.

James worked with Charles Gurd as a bottler and also an assistant. He was a member of the Scots Rifle Association, with the rank of color-sergeant in a newspaper clipping from 1885. As a very young man, he was also involved in the formation of the Black Watch in Montreal; the photo shows him in his Black Watch uniform later in life.

By: Lesley (Dalrymple) O'Neil, August, 2002

James Dalrymple's service record with the Montreal Garrison Artillery

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