Arthur Jarvie DARLING

From: "The Storied Province of Quebec Past and Present"
Ed. Col. William Wood, Dominion Publishing Company, Limited, Toronto 1931

A native and life long resident of Montreal, the late Arthur Jarvie Darling was for many years one of that city's well-known and successful business men. Having learned the engineering trade in his youth, he established himself in business, together with a brother, in his young manhood and, largely as the result of his ability and energy, their firm, Darling Brothers, Limited, of which he was president until his death, grew and prospered. 

Throughout his life he was very fond of outdoor life and of various outdoor sports, being locally noted as a curler. His pleasing personality made him very popular in several clubs, to which he belonged. Greatly attached to the city of his birth, he always took a deep interest in its welfare and development and could,always be counted upon to support loyally any projects promising to advance Montreal's best interests.

Arthur Jarvie Darling was born in Montreal, February 14, 1863, a son of Thomas Darling and Elizabeth Jarvie. He was educated in the public schools and as a youth entered the employ of the Grand Trunk Railroad, in the shops and engineering department of which he acquired a very thorough training in engineering and other mechanical work. After several years he became associated in business with his brother, George Darling, and together with him formed the firm of Darling Brothers, Limited, engineers and manufacturers, with headquarters at No. 120 Prince Street. He became president of this concern and continued in that position until his death. Possessing exceptional business and executive ability and bringing to the conduct of his business untiring energy and industry, as well as unquestioned integrity, he was able to build up a large and profitable business, which has enjoyed, ever since its foundation, a very high reputation for efficiency and probity. 

He was fond of all forms of outdoor life and sports, especially of fishing, golfing and curling. In the last named sport he became very expert and acquired a great local reputation. One of the founders of the Whitelock Golf Club on Hudson Heights, he was elected president of this organization. He was also a member of the Montreal Curling Club. During the earlier part of his life his religious affiliations were with the Presbyterian church, but later he joined, together with his wife, the Church of England. He was a man of broad interests and strong public spirit, always ready and eager to lend his support to the development of Montreal and its institutions and never too busy with his own affairs to give a fair share of his time and attention to civic affairs.

Mr. Darling married in Montreal, in 1896, Nellie Gordon, a daughter of James Gordon, a merchant of Montreal. Mr. and Mrs. Darling were the parents of three children.

Mr. Darling died at his home in Montreal, March 5, 1915, and was buried in Mount Royal Cemetery, Montreal. By his death his family lost a loving and devoted husband and father, his friends a loyal and genial companion, his business associates a reliable and able colleague, his employees a fair and considerate employer, and his native city one of its representative and prominent business men.

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