Darling Brothers Ltd.

From: "The Storied Province of Quebec Past and Present"
Ed. Col. William Wood, Dominion Publishing Company, Limited, Toronto 1931

The engineering corporation of Darling Brothers, Limited, was founded by three brothers, Arthur J. Darling, George Darling and Frank Darling, in 1888. The firm became a limited liability Company in 1906, with Mr. A. J. Darling as president, and his brothers, George and Edward Darling, as vice-president and secretary-treasurer respectively.

Plant- The company at present possesses one factory at Montreal, which is fully equipped for a large production of the varied range of engineering material and devices with which the name of the enterprise is associated. At its inception the factory had a total floor space of 2,400 square feet, and had a correspondingly limited staff, while the present floor space is more than 100,000 square feet, and the total staff exceeds 200. A foundry is attached to the works where the castings are produced.

Products- Following are the chief lines of manufacture: Webster Systems of Steam Heating, Heating appliances, steam, power and electric-driven reciprocating pumps for any service, centrifugal pumps, single or double suction, vertical or horizontal, single or multi-stage, driven by belt, motor, gasoline or steam turbine; sump pumps, sewage pumps, exhaust heads, pipe bends, expansion joints, pump governors, lubricators, valve reseating machines, stair treads, freight elevators, passenger elevators, inclinators, dumbwaiters, ash hoists, hot water heaters, oil heaters, feed water heaters and filters, pressure reducing and back pressure valves, blow-off and receiving tanks; air grease and steam traps; oil extractors and filters, steam and water mixers, steam and oil separators.

Centrifugal pumps- Darling Brothers pumps are rigidly tested before delivery, a laboratory being maintained for that purpose, with the result that there is no difficulty whatever in finding out what is the most suitable size and type of pump to install for any purpose.

Steam Appliances- The same care both in design and in testing, which is applied to Darling Brothers' pumps and hydraulic machinery, is equally evident in their steam appliances. The well known Whitlock Darling "K" and "R" storage heaters are subjected to a hydrostatic test pressure 50 per cent. greater than the working pressure to which they are to be exposed, and a certificate of test is delivered to the customer with the goods.

Character of Output- The Darling products are well known throughout the Dominion as being sound material, up-to-date in design and efficient in action, the experience of many years having been brought to bear on all the problems connected with their manufacture. They have been supplied for a very large proportion of the most prominent buildings in Canada. Some of the more recent installations have been the hotels, depots and office buildings of the Canadian Pacific Railway Company, and also the Canadian National Railways; the Royal Bank Building, Montreal; the Canadian Bank of Commerce as well as several other financial houses of similar standing; the Bell Telephone Company of Canada Limited, Montreal, and the Montreal Harbour Commissioners. Very many industrial buildings and factories have been fitted throughout with Darling appliances, such as the Canadian plant of the General Motors Company, Canadian Celanese Company at Drummondville, Province of Quebec, the Dominion Textile Company, and others.

Branches and Agencies- Darling Brothers Limited maintain the following branches and agencies: 

  • Halifax, Nova Scotia, No. 184 Granville Street, Mr. A. W. Thompson, manager; 
  • Ottawa, Ontario, No.248 Albert Street, manager, Mr. R. E. Evans; 
  • Toronto, Ontario, No. 137 Wellington Street, West, manager, Mr. H. J. Church; 
  • Winnipeg, Manitoba, No. 283 Bannatyne Avenue, manager, Mr. W. S. Buchanan; 
  • Calgary, Alberta, representatives, Messrs. S. S. Clarke and Company, Ltd., No. 605 2nd Street West 
  • Vancouver, B.C., representatives, Messrs. Frank Darling and Company, Ltd., No. 1144 Homer Street. This company has been the representative of Darling Brothers Limited, in Vancouver, for the last twenty-five years, and also is agent for a number of other companies whose products are of a similar nature. 
  • Quebec, Province of Quebec, No. 140 St. John Street, agent, Mr. W. J. Banks; 
  • Timmins, Ontario, agents, Patricia Engineering Limited.
Administration-President and managing director, Mr. Edward Darling; vice-president, Mr. Frank Darling; secretary-treasurer, Mr. Thomas E. Darling. Bankers - Bank of Montreal.

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