From: "The Storied Province of Quebec Past and Present"
Ed. Col. William Wood, Dominion Publishing Company, Limited, Toronto 1931

For many years one of the widely known citizens of Montreal, Province of Quebec, George Darling was here known and loved by his fellow men in many walks of life and many realms of society. Respected for his achievements, he was at the same time admired for his excellent personal qualities: his kindliness and generosity, his eagerness to help others, his warm sympathy and affection, and above all his sterling integrity. These were traits that placed him high in the confidence of others, and that made his life worth while and useful, serviceable in the business world, in which he did such valuable work, and delightful among the companions of his own intimate circle of friendship. Combining with his other characteristics a depth of understanding and a breadth of insight into human nature that were truly remarkable, he was a man of soundly based and well-proportioned high principles, who never was dominated by an ill thought, whose career was as worthy as his life was beautifully lived.

Mr. Darling was born in the City of Montreal, this Province, on February 4, 1866, son of Thomas Darling and Elizabeth Jarvie and a brother of Arthur Jarvie Darling. The two brothers were over a long period of years engaged together in business; and they were ever close friends, loyally devoted to each other.

In the public schools, George Darling received his early education, studying in the common and high schools of the City of Montreal. When a young man, he decided to enter the commercial world, and so helped to form the firm known as Darling Brothers, Ltd., in which he was for many years vice-president until the death of his brother, whereupon he became president, succeeding the brother in this high office. Until his own death, then, he continued as the chief executive officer of the company.
Beginning operations on a small scale, he and his brother gradually extended their manufacturing and engineering interests to include a wider scope of activity, until at length the enterprise attained to the highest of standards. But Mr. Darling, busy as he was with these operations, by no means confined his efforts to this realm of life alone, but rather became interested and active in civic and social circles.

He was, in his religious faith, a Presbyterian; and his political views were those of the Conservative Party, of whose policies and principles he was a staunch supporter. He enjoyed, in his leisure time, a game of golf or curling, and was always interested in sports and outdoor life. But he found his chief opportunity for indulging his love of nature in the delightful surroundings of the gardens and home at his place called "Ken Elm", at Hudson Heights. Situated on the south bank of the Ottawa River, this spot came to be widely admired and noted for its loveliness and for the beauty of its grounds. At one time the Darlings lived in Montreal, but for a quarter of a century they made this place their home in the summer seasons. Here trees and flowers and animals abounded; and the atmosphere was ever one of pleasant gaiety during the warm months of the year.

George Darling was, above all, devoted to his family, of whom he was supremely proud. He married, in Montreal, Flora Alice Sargent, a native of that city, daughter of Albert E Sargent and Alice H. Savage  and grand-daughter of Perley Sargent and on her mother's side of the house of Colonel Benjamin A. Savage.

To Mr. and Mrs. Darling was born one son, George Kenneth Darling, in Montreal. He was educated in the schools of that city, and early became associated in business with his father. He died in May, 1926, and was laid to rest in the same cemetery where his father is interred, St. James', Hudson Heights. In 1920 he married Dorothy Ramsay; and they became the parents of one son, George Kenneth Ramsay Darling, born in 1921. Mrs. George Darling makes her permanent home at "Ken Elm", where she is widely known.

The death of George Darling occurred at his home in Hudson Heights, Quebec, in July, 1925, and was a cause of widespread and sincere sorrow. He had contributed in an outstanding way to the life of his Province and especially to the development of its business interests; and his labours brought him acclaim in many quarters. The memory of such a man cannot but live on after he is gone in the flesh, a source of satisfaction and joy to others and of inspiration to those whose privilege it was to know him well and study the example of his life.

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