From: "Montreal History and Gazeteer to the year 1892"
By Rev. J. Douglas Borthwick, John Lovell & Son, Montreal 1892

Was born in this Province in 1843 ,and is the eldest son of the late Captain Alexander Davidson. The learned judge was educated at McGill University, Montreal.  He graduated B.A. and B.C.L. in 1863, and received his M.A. in 1867. 

He was admitted to the Bar in 1864, and practised in partnership with Mr. Justice Cross of the Court of Appeals.  During his career at the Bar, Mr. Davidson greatly distinguished himself as an able and eloquent pleader.  Far several years he acted as Crown Prosecutor in this city, and was in every respect a model Crown Counsel.   He was created Queen's Counsel in 1818, in which year he published a work on  "The Banking Laws of Canada.".  He contested.Montreal Centre for the Legislature in 1881 and Huntingdon for the House of Commons in 1883, but was unsuccessful on both occasions. 

His appointment to the Superior Court in June, 1887, was a very popular one, and it is  not too much to say that Judge Davidson has fully justified the brightest prophecies of his friends.  He has not only been a diligent and faithful judge, whose decisions have been legally found and gracefully expressed--for the learned judge is a master of English--but his conduct of trials has invariably been marked by great judicial dignity and suavity.  His promptitude in deciding cases has been remarkable, though he has never sacrificed thoroughness to celerity.  Since his appointment, he has presided over most of the large commercial jury trials with great acceptance. 

He is in the full vigor of life, and his nomination as a late Royal Commissioner was well received.  Judge Davidson was Colonel of the Victoria Rifes, and for many years President of the Montreal Snowshoe Club and the Victoria Skating Club.  He is an enthusiastic yachtsman, and spends his vacations at his beautiful summer home at Dorval, on Lake St. Louis.

See also: his son, Thornton Davidson

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