From: "Canadian Men & Women of the time 1898"
Ed. By Henry James Morgan, Toronto, 1898

Samuer Edward Dawson, Dom. public service, is the 2nd son of the late Rev. Benjamin Dawson, a native of P. E. I., who came to Montreal, 1847, where, towards the close of of his life, he took holy orders, and was ordained a, deacon in the Reformed  Episcopal Church, by his wife Miss Gardner, of Halifax.

Born in Halifax, June 1, 1833, he was educated at McCulloch's school, in that city, and commenced his business career in partnership with his father, trading as B. Dawson & Son, booksellers and stationers,  Montreal.   The firm name, after the retirement of his father, became Dawson Bros., Samuel Edward Dawson being the senior partner in association with one of his brothers was one of the founders of the Dominion Bank Note Co.,1879, and one of the promoters of the Montreal News Co.,  1880.  Appointed a member of the Board of Protestant School Commissioners, Montreal, 1878, he became also a member
of the Board of Arts and Manufacturers P.Q., and was subsequently for some years President of that body. He was likewise Secretary to the Art Association  He was one of the earliest contributors to fhe Canadian Monthly.

He has written also on literary and  historical  subjects for the Montreal  Gazette, the Montreal Star, the Toronto Week, and other journals.  Of separate works from his pen, the most important are: " A Sudy of Lord Tennyson's Poem, "The Princess' " (2nd ed. 1884), which W.L. LeSueur has pronounced the best and most  appreciative study of the poem that has anywhere appeared; and two monographs on the voyages of the Cabots and the Land-Fall of 1397, which were read before the
Royal Society of Canada, of which body he was elected a Fellow in 1893.   He received the honorary  degree of Lit. D. from
Laval University in 1890; and was appointed Queen's Printer and Controller of Stationery of Canada, Nov. 7, 1891.  This office he still fills.   In 1881 he was appointed. a deligate to Washington on the subject of International copyright.  Dr. Dawson  is a member of the Anglican Church.  He married Annie M. Bent, daughter of Gilbert Bent, of St. John, N. B.
address 277 Cooper St., Ottawa.

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