From: "Canadian Men & Women of the time 1898"
Ed. By Henry James Morgan, Toronto, 1898

William Bell Dawson, C.E., is the son  of  Sir J.W. Dawson principal of McGill University. Born  in  Montreal, May 2, 1854, he was educated at McGill University  receiving a B.A., with honours in Natural Science and the Logan gold medal in 1874, and  his M.A. in 1879. He also studied Engineering there receiving  B.A.Sc., with certificate of special merit, in 1875, and his Ma.E. in 1880.

In 1875 he was admitted to the Ecole des Ponts et Chaussees in Paris and passed as the first of his class in 1878. The same year he was admitted a P.L.S., and in 1879 was elected associate member of the Institue of C.E., obtaining also a Miller Scholarship from that body, for an essay on the Paroy Reservoir and on the Canal de l'Est. In 1882 be became an examiner in the Faculty of Applied Science in his Alma Mater.

Dr. Dawson has been employed in a professional capacity on the Intercol. Railway, the Louisburgh Railway, the Occidental Railway, and the Canadian Pacific Railway. He was assistant engineer under Walter Shanly in making preliminary surveys in connection with the South Shore Railway and Tunnel Company.  In 1881 he conducted a topographical survey of a portion of the gold field in Nova Scotia, and later was in the employment of the Dominion Bridge Company.

His most important work for the Canadian Pacific Railway Company was in connection with the arbitration between the Company and the Dominion Government, relative to the quality of construction of the western sections of the railway in B.C. This occupied the greater part of three years and required a thorough investigation of the methods of construction in a mountain country, and also the examination of the Northern Pacific and other western roads for comparison with the sections in dispute. Subsequently among other work, he organized a testing laboratory for the company. He was appointed an Assistant Engineer in the Marine Department in Ottawa in September of 1894 and has since been engaged in conducting a tidal survey in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

In 1883 he married Florence Jane Mary Elliott, daughter of Assistant Company General Elliott.
Address: 436 Gilmour Street, Ottawa

William Bell Dawson was the brother of George Mercer Dawson

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