From: "Canadian Men & Women of the Time 1912"
Ed. Henry James Morgan, Toronto, 1912

Son of  Rev. B.W.D. Day (Congregational), of St. Andrews P.Q., Frank J. Day was born March 25th 1869 in Stouffville, Ontario.  He was educated at McGill University receiving a B.A. and gold medal in Semitic language and literature in 1894,
and a M.A. in 1906. He took post-graduate work at the United Free Church Colleges in Glasgow, Oxford, London and Berlin. He persued theological studies at the Canadian Congregational College becoming valedictorian and B.D., and being
the first to take the degree at this institutionin 1897. He also attended Yale and Harvard.

In November 1896 he married Effie Stephen Gurd, daughter of Charles Gurd of Montreal.

Rev. Day was pastor of Plymouth Church in Sherbrooke, Quebec from 1896-1905, and since 1907 has been pastor of
Zion Congregational Church in Montreal. He was a member of the special committee on Church Union in 1907, elected Moderator in 1908, and elected chairman of the Congregational Union in 1910.

He is the author of "Pioneers of a Nation" (1908)

Address: 73 St. Famille Street, Montreal

"A preacher of acknowledged force. A pastor rather than a theologian, he is
ready and willing to take the great truths of the Gospel and adapt and apply
them as a curative for the great social needs of the hour."  Montreal Witness

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