Carrie Matilda DERICK

From: "The Canadian Who's Who 1938-1939"
Vol. III, Roberts, Tunnell, Editors; Published by Trans-Canada Press, 1939 

DERICK, Carrie Matilda; university professor (emeritus) : of  U.E.L. descent ; on her father's side is descended from Dutch, German and Scotch ancestry, and on her mother’s side from English ancestry.  Born in Clarenceville, P.Q., Jan. 14, 1862; daughter of  Frederick Derick and Edna Colton, she was educated at  Clarenceville Acadamy ;  McGill Normal School., Montreal, P.Q. (winner of the J. C. Wilson prize and the Prince of Wales Medal) ; McGill University, MA, 1896 (held first class honours, and was winner of the Logan Gold Medal, 1890) ; studied 3 summers at Harvard University;  7 at the Marine Biology Lab. in Wood’s Hole, Mass.,  and one spring and summer at the Royal CoIlege of Science, London, England. She  studied under Prof. Strasburger, at the University of Bonn, Germany; unm. 

She was a demonstrator in botany at McGill University, 1891-1895 (first woman appointed. to a staff position in the University) ; lectured 1895 - 1904, assistant professor 1904-1912, professor of morphol. botany 1912-1928; and emeritus professor of comparative morphol. and genetics at McGill University since 1929 (the first woman to be given this honour). 

For some years Miss Derick was a member of the Corporation of the Marine Biology Lab., Wood's Hole, Mass. She was was a former member of the executive of  the Federation of University Women of Canada; one of the organs and vice-president of the first Child Welfare Exhibit in Montreal; chairman of the committee which reported upon workers of Montreal to the Royal Commission of  Tech. Training and Industry of  Education; and organ and chairman of the Education Section of  the Confederation of  International Council of Women, Toronto, 1909. She was also one of the organs of the Serbian Relief Committee, Montreal, and in this connection was decorated with the Serbian Cross of Mercy by King Alexander.

She took an active part in various types of patriotic work in WWI and is one of the organs and a vice-president of the Khaki Club of Montreal; fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science ; a member of the Montreal Women's Central Lib. Association (president 1927-1928); National Association of Women's Lib. Clubs (honorary vice- president) ; a life-member of the Red Cross Society; Alumnae Society of McGill University (past president, corr. secretary and treasurer) ; National Council of Women; Federation of Univ. Women of Canada (former member of the executive) ; Montreal Local Council of Women (past president and for many years convenor of  the committee on mental deficiency) ; National Council of Education (member of the executive 1919-1922) ; Council of Education of the Province of Quebec (el. associate member of  the Protestant Committee 1919; being the first and only woman to recive this honour) ; Bot. Society of America ; International Committee of Women's Committee on Education ; Montreal Fokelore Society (honorary secretary) ; Suffrage Association (president and member of the Provincal Franchise Committee).

She is the author of scientific papers, abstacts and biographical sketches and also many popular articles including papers on plant life, a series reprinted in book form under the title " Flowers of the Field and Forest" ; also "Canadian Plant Lore" ; "Variation" ; "Heredity and Environment" ; "Modern Educational Experiments" ; "Mental Deficiency" ; "Women Workers" ; "Professions open to Women" etc.   

She has lectured frequently in Montreal and other Canadian cities upon such subjects as  “Evolution’’, “The Web of Life”, “Biologist’s View of the World”, “Biology and Social Reform”, “Mental Deficiency" etc.; as convenor of the sub-committee of the Protestant Committee of Council of  Education of the Province of Quebec she presented a report on "The Education of Mentally Defective and Retarded children" which was unanimously adopted with all it's recommendations by the Protestant Committee in 1928.

Sigma Xi ; Delta Sigma
Politics : Liberal
Religion : Church of England
Address : 3015 Sherbrooke St. West, Montreal, P.Q.
[Member of the Montreal Women's Club]

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