From "A Dorman Arrangement"
By Karl A. Sack

Robert (Bob) Dorman Jr., was the son of  Robert Osborne Dorman and Florence Hilda Cowley of Montreal. He joined the Merchant Marines during World War II. Canada’s Merchant Navy was vital to the Allied cause during the Second World War. Its ships transported desperately needed equipment, fuel, goods and personnel to Europe and around the world. Merchant seaman and women showed tremendous bravery on the ocean ‘battlefield’. They faced fierce attacks by German submarines, and hazardous, life-threatening weather conditions in the North Atlantic. After the war, he brought home a pet grass monkey named Chi-Chi. When he left the ship to come home, his superior noticed Chi-Chi’s tail sticking out from under Bob’s shirt but didn’t say anything. A lot of soldiers took pets home after the war.

When Bob used to make punch at parties, he would get everybody to hold their hands over the washtub and would pour the alcohol over them. He loved to get his father mad while playing canasta. He would hold back the 2’s and Jokers till the end of the game.

He met Lucienne Rocquburne in St. Andrews East, Quebec. They had no children.  On the 6th of September 1965, Bob was driving his red sports car, in the early evening, along the road from St. Andrews to Lachute when he was hit head-on and was killed instantly.

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Submitted by Karl Sack..............nephew  (from his book "A Dorman Arrangement")

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