From "A Dorman Arrangement"
By Karl A. Sack

James William Dorman III (Bill) was born July 20, 1896 in Montreal, son of  James William Dorman and Isabella Marriah Fackrell, married Agatha Ann Ward and had three children: Lorna, Merton, and Iris. He died on the 24th of  April 1928 as a result of  poison gas in WW1;  the Doctors' diagnosed it as pneumonia. This left Agatha to raise 3 small children 6-3-2 on her own! Bill joined the CEF during WW1 with the 73rd Regiment, which was part of the 4th Division of the Canadian Army Corps.

The 73rd Regiment
The parent regiment of this battalion (as well as of the 13th and 42nd) is the 5th Royal Highlanders of Canada. This regiment was organized in Montreal in 1862. Since 1905 it has been allied with the Black Watch, and those overseas battalions bear that ancient name and carry on its proud prestige. In forming the battalion, Lt.-Col. Peers Davidson took much care in selecting and training the N.C.O. Class and in having the skeleton of the organization complete before beginning the campaign for recruits. Active recruiting began on September 3rd, and on the first day nearly a hundred men offered their services. The battalion was recruited to over-strength by the 10th of November.

The 73rd served in Canada from September 4, 1915 to April 1, 1916; England from April 9, 1916 to August 12, 1916; and France from August 13, 1916 to April 19, 1917. They were disbanded in April 1917 and replaced by the 85th Battalion. The men of the 73rd were distributed amongst the 13th, 42nd and 85th Infantry Battalions. The commanding officers were Lieutenant Colonel P. Davidson from April 1, 1916 to December 12, 1916 and Lieutenant Colonel H. C. Sparling D.S.O. from December 12, 1916 to April 1917. The 73rd’s Battle Honours were: “Somme, 1916,” “Ancre Heights,” “Arras, 1917,” “Vimy, 1917” “France and Flanders, 1916-17.”

Heading off to England
Bill and the rest of his battalion embarked the S. S. Adriatic for overseas duty.

Agatha Ann Ward
After her husband’s death, Agatha never remarried; she worked nights at the CNR as a switchboard operator. The picture of her children was taken in 1928 shortly after their father died. Mert & Iris were schooled at St. Patrick’s Orphanage until Merton reached 13, Iris 12.

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Submitted by Karl Sack................great nephew (From his book "A Dorman Arrangement")

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