From "A Dorman Arrangement"
By Karl A. Sack

Lawrence (Laurie) Dorman, son of Robert O. Dorman and Florence Hilda Cowley was named for the St. Lawrence River as he was born on the 20th of October which was the anniversary of  Robert and Florence’s move to Canada when they sailed up the St. Lawrence. Laurie and his brother Bob Dorman were never close as they were growing up but when they met over in Europe during the Second World War; they became best of friends. 

He married Marceline Laroque after being discharged from the army during World War II. He has 4 sons, Larry, Mike, Steve, and Brian.  Laurie died NewYears Eve of heart trouble and Diabetes in 1992.

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Robert O. Dorman (father)
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Bill Dorman (uncle)
Charlie Dorman (uncle)

Submitted by Karl Sack................nephew (From his book "A Dorman Arrangement")

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