From "A Dorman Arrangement"
By Karl A. Sack

Merton Dorman was born on the 2nd of October 1924, son of  Bill Dorman and Agatha Ward.  He was awarded the Military Medal for bravery on the 13th of July 1954 at Buckingham Palace for his service in Korea as a Lance Bombardier with the Royal Canadian Horse Artillery. Merton’s service number was SD800167 with the 2nd Regiment.

Upon his father’s passing at age 3, Aunt Marion and Uncle Charlie wanted to adopt young Mert, also in agreement was his mother Agatha. Agatha’s family being Roman Catholic wouldn’t hear of it due to the fact that the Dorman’s were Protestant. Weekends and holidays were spent between both the Dorman and the Ward families. At age 13, he left the orphanage to live with his mother and 2 sister’s and continued his education.  At the age of 16 he ran away to join the Navy and when they found out his age they sent him home. Then he joined the Norwegian Navy. He wanted to join the Army, so still under age; he hid his mother’s glasses and had her sign the papers for a “medical for the CNR”. After 2 weeks absence Agatha began to worry and called his boss. The boss informed her that she had signed Enlistment Papers not a medical form. During Mert’s colourful career in the Military (CDN. Navy, Nor. Navy, Army), he always told his children that his stripes were on ‘SNAPS’ because they came and went so easily.

When Mert came out of the service in 1955, he worked as a sales rep for different trucking companies in Two Mountains and lived with his mom. He was transferred to Winnipeg with Interline Forwarders in 1958.

Mert loved to bake. When asked how long it took for a Christmas Fruitcake to bake his reply “1 case of 24 and a 26oz of Whiskey”. Never knowing their father to drink the kids all laughed. At the time of his passing he was sober 38 years 11 months and 1 day! 

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Submitted by Karl Sack.......1st cousin once removed (from his book "A Dorman Arrangement")

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