Dorval United Church began as a Sunday school in 1950 by some Dorval residents who attended the United church in Lachine. The local white, wood one-room schoolhouse on Dorval Avenue  was rented from the Protestant School Board

In 1952 the Reverend Dr. DeWitt Scott, secretary of Montreal Presbytery offered to to take the first year's services should the people succeed in forming a congregation. The first service was March 23, 1952. 

Dr. Scott was succeeded, in 1953, by Col. J.B. Browne. In 1953 the Land Committee purchased a property at 109 St. Joseph (now Lakeshore Road). The building on this site eventually became the Manse. In the early years it was used for Sunday school, Women's Association meetings and Church services. When the Dorval Gardens School was completed, it was rented for Sunday school and services. 

In 1954 Dorval United Church became a pastoral charge. In 1954 membership grew from 55 to 175 and the Sunday school had 187 pupils. A building Fund was started in the same year. In 1956 a property at 750 Dawson Avenue was bought. The first service in the new church was held July 20, 1958. The stained glass windows were designed and made by Whitefriars Stained Glass Studios in Weadlestone, Middlesex, England. 

In 1984 the congregations of  Dorval United  and Strathmore United Church amalgamated. The name was changed to Dorval-Strathmore United Church and the congregation worships in the former Strathmore building.

Source: United Church Archives - Beverly Levine

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