A Methodist “society” was formed in the east end of Montreal in 1826.  In 1827 a chapel and school house were built in Gain Street.  By 1837 the 40 x 20 foot building was inadequate and a new chapel was donated on Montcalm near Notre Dame in the upper story of a chair factory. 

In 1845 a new church was built on Lagauchtière and Plessis. The division of the Methodists into three circuits apparently caused some trouble.  One hundred eighty-three members left East End and invited the New Connexion Methodist Church to open a chapter in Montreal. Around 1860 East End began a free undenominational school which continued for eight years. 

In 1904 a new church was planned at the corner of Bertrand (Cartier) and DeMontigny Streets (one block north of St. Catherine and one block east of Papineau Ave.).  In 1920 the Trustees asked and received permission to sell the property in order to build elsewhere.  By 1924 the property was still not sold.  It was decided to await results of the union vote.  In 1925 East End Methodist Church joined the union and united with Taylor Presbyterian Church to form Taylor-East End United Church.

Source: United Church Archives - Beverly Levine

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