Église Unie St. Jean has roots in the Presbyterian and Methodist Churches. Other churches which eventually  merged  with  Église  St. Jean  were:  Première Église Methodiste Française  and  Église du Sauveur.  It was founded in 1841 by Rev. Lappelleterie from France as a mission of the Presbyterian Church in Canada, in 1842 the Mission was held in a small frame house at the corner of  Dorchester Boulevard (now  René Levesque) and Bransdon Streets.   

With  the arrival of Rev. Tanner in 1861 and 26 new communicant members, a new church was built in the gothic style on the same site in 1863. The name Église Saint Jean was adopted in 1869.  The congregation moved to Russell Hall in 1875. A new building  was constructed on the same site at the corner of St. Catherine and de Bullion Streets in 1896. During construction, from 1894-1896, the congregation worshipped at the Craig Street Methodist Church. The first architect, Guillaume Mann, was dismissed when the work was suspended by the building inspector. The second architect was William MacLean Walbank.   Henry Beaumont was hired to sculpt the gargoyles. In 1887 the Students Missionary Society of the Presbyterian College, Montreal received permission from the Presbytery of Montreal to raise funds for a mission house in the St. Jean Baptiste district of  Montreal for French evangelization. Day and evening classes were conducted by Mr. and Mrs. Guillaume Charles

It was not until 1889 that a building was rented and classes begun at 142 Dufferin Street. The property on Dufferin was purchased in 1891 and alterations completed in 1892. At this point it was formally recognized by Presbytery and put under the care of the Session of Église St. Jean. The direction of the mission was transferred from the Students Missionary Society to the Comité d'évangelisation française au Canada in 1895. The First French Methodist Church (Première Église Methodiste Française) as well as a boarding school ( French Methodist Institute) was begun by Louis N. Beaudry in 1877.  In 1878 the congregation began worshipping in the Craig Street Church erected earlier by Rev. R. P. Duclos. In 1909 the church moved to Ontario and St. André. They joined the newly formed United Church of Canada in 1925. In 19??  the French pastoral charges requested to form their own presbytery. 

Source: United Church Archives - Beverly Levine

Église Unie St. Jean
110 St. Catherine St. East
(514) 866-0641

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