From: "Canadian Men & Women of the time 1898"
Ed. By Henry James Morgan, Toronto, William Briggs, Richmond Street West

EVANS, Frederick William, Insurance broker, was born in Montreal in 1850 and received his education at the High School there. He entered the wholesale drygoods business [Thomson,Claxton & Co.] in 1865. Three years afterwards he joined his uncle, Robert Wood, representing the Aetna and Hartford Fire Insurance Company, and was admitted as partner in 1876, the firm going under the name and style of  Wood & Evans. On the death of Mr. Wood, in 1886, he assumed the full control of the business. 

He is Chief Agent and Attorney, in Canada, of the Aetna Fire Insurance Company, and is also General Agent of the London and Lancashire Fire Insurance Company for the Province of Quebec. In 1897 he was elected a member of the Council of the Montreal Board of Trade.

He married Mary L. Wilcocks, daughter of Arthur Wilcocks, Mayor of Richmond, P.Q.

Clubs: City Club

From: "Who’s Who and Why in Canada (and in Newfoundland) Volume 1, 1912"
Ed. By John F. Kennedy, Canadian Press Association, Ltd., 1912

EVANS, Frederick William, of the firm Evans and Johnson, insurance agents. He was born in Montreal in 1850, the son of William Evans and Miss Wood. Educated in High School, Montreal. Started career in a wholesale drygoods house in which he was employed from 1865 to 1868, when he joined the present firm, of which he is senior partner. 

He became a councillor of Cote St. Antoine, now Westmount, in 1889, and re-entered Council in 1893 and served until 1902. He was Mayor 1896-7. He was council member of the Montreal Board of  Trade in 1897, and Treasurer in 1899, and first vice-president in 1910. He is president of  Dominion Guarantee Company, Canada Envelope Company and the West End Land Company.

In 1877 he married Mary L.Wilcocks, daughter of Arthur Wilcocks, Mayor of  Richmond, Que.

Clubs: Montreal Club, Westmount Bowling Club, Canada Club, Country Club, Beaconsfield Golf Club.

Business Address: 26 St. Sacrement St., Montreal
Residence: 619 Sydenham Ave., Westmount

His daughter, Bertha Selina Marion Evans, married Ernest James Christmas
His daughter, Grace Ethel Evans, married John Healey Finnie, son of  J.T. Finnie
His daughter, Beatrice Lillian Evans, married David Huron MacFarlane

*Researching Frederick William Evans...........Penny Carpenter (great granddaughter)

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