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Fairmount-St.Giles United Church is the result of the amalgamation in 1929 of what had originally been St.Giles PresbyterianFairmount Methodist and MacVicar Memorial Presbyterian churches

Fairmount Methodist Church began in 1890 with the first Sunday School classes and services held in Mainwaring's house, Park Avenue just north of Fairmount Avenue. The church building on the corner of Mance Street and  Fairmount Avenue was completed in the summer of 1894.  A large addition was  built in 1894. A larger church was built in 1907 at the corner of Fairmount and Hutchison Street. A parsonage was built in 1908.  It became Fairmount United Church  in 1925.   About 200 people from MacVicar Presbyterian Church  joined Fairmount United when their Church voted to remain out of the Union. A new site was bought in 1926 since a larger church was needed. In January 1929 Fairmount United and  St.Giles United amalgamated. Services were held in Strathcona Hall  until the completion of the new building on Stewart and Bernard in June 1930.

St.Giles Church began as the Cote St.Louis Presbyterian Mission founded by Knox Presbyeterian Church in 1891. Their first location was in a former store at the corner of Sanguinet and Des Carrières Streets. A church which could seat 250 people was built at the corner of St.Denis and Des Carrières. The name St.Giles Presbyterian was adopted c1894. Two years after its completion the church had to be enlarged to accomodate the growing membership. Because of the westward movement of the English population St.Giles moved to a new site at the corner of St.Joseph Boulevard and Nelson Avenue. The new church was opened in 1913. In 1925 it entered Union with three quarters of its congregation. The continuing westward migration of the English Protestant population prompted the decision to amalgamate with Fairmount and form Fairmount-St.Giles United Church.

The vote against Union at MacVicar Memorial was very close: 260 for and 279 against. Former members of the Session of MacVicar Memorial Church formed the North End Unionist Committee. The Committee held an organizational meeting in March 1925 and elected a full slate of officers. Services were held from March 22 to October 25,1925 in the North Branch of the Y.M.C.A.  The group accepted the recommendation that they amalgamate with Fairmount United as of November 1,1925.

At the meeting of the Montreal Presbytery on February 23, 1965 it was resolved that the members and office bearers of Cote des Neiges United Church be recognized as members and office bearers of the amalgamated congregations of Cote des Neiges and Fairmount-St.Giles which would hereafter be known as the Fairmount-St.Giles United Church. The moveable properties of the former Cote des Neiges congregation were transferred to the Trustees of Fairmount-St.Giles United Church. The amalgamation was effective as of February 7,1965.

In 1970 the Church on Stuart Avenue was bought by the Armenian Holy Apostolic Church of Montreal and was shared, for a time by  the two congregations.   The  first Armenian service was held Easter Sunday (by the Gregorian calendar) March 29,1970.  In July 1990 Fairmount-St.Giles amalgamated with Mount Royal United Church.

Source: United Church Archives - Beverly Levine


Montreal Star - December 3, 1910
Collection BNQ

October 11, 1913
collection: BNQ


Newspaper clipping from the "Montreal Witness" February 8, 1913.                    collection: BNQ

"Old St. Giles Presbyterian Church on St. Denis Street, sold yesterday for $600."


Newspaper clipping from the "Montreal Witness"
January 25, 1913.                     collection: BNQ

"On Sunday, Feb. 9, the Rev. Principal Gandier of Knox College, Toronto, will dedicate this new place of worship. It is situated on St. Joseph Boulevard, west of Park avenue, the Rev. J.R. Dobson being pastor. It cost in the neighbourhood of $75,000."

Montreal Star Nov. 19, 1910 
collection BNQ

"MacVicar Memorial Church which has just been found to be too small for it's rapidly growing congregation and will be enlarged from 400 seats to 1,200 seats was founded in 1896 in a room of the Fairmount school when it started as a Sunday school. Three years later a small church was built at the corner of 9th and Bernard streets through the efforts of Rev. J. Myles Crombie, who collected the money for it.

In 1805 with Rev. D.J. Graham as pastor the new church was built at the corner of Hutchison and St. Viateur and on the 15th of September last the Rev. I.G. Potter was made its pastor.

---------considering with the architect the best method of enlarging it.

"The Master's Message to Men" is the subject vof a special address by the pastor Rev. I.G. Potter, to men in the MacVicar Memorial Church on Sunday evening. The singing will be led by a choir of male voices assisted by the Westmount Male Quartette.

MacVicar United Church c1929

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