From: "The Dictionary of Canadian Biography"
By W. Stewart Wallace, MacMillan Co.of Canada, 2nd edition 1945

FINLAY, James (Jr.), fur-trader, was born in Montreal in 1766, the son of  James Finlay and Christiana Youel.  He entered the service of the "Little Company", in opposition to the North West Company, as an apprentice clerk, in 1784, at the same time as the Hon. Roderick Mackenzie.  He became a clerk of the North West Company in 1787, and in 1792 he was made a wintering partner of the Company, in charge of  Fort de I'Isle, on the Saskatchewan.  He relinquished his two shares in the Company in 1805, and in 1814 he was a merchant at Bekril on the river Chambly, in Lower Canada.  From 1814 to 1817 he was store-keeper of  the Indian department at Lachine, and in 1817 he petitioned for the position held by his father as inspector of chimneys at Montreal.  He died at Montreal on January 3, 1830.  In 1798 he married  Elizabeth Grant, daughter of  John Grant, and granddaughter of  Richard Dobie  and by her he had "a large family".  His daughter, Elizabeth Finlay married on March 26, 1835, Frederick Chetwode, son of  Sir John Chetwode, Bart., of Oakley Park, Cheshire. 

see also: his brother John Finlay

*Reseaching James Finlay Jr....................Sue Wilson  (ggg neice??)

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