From: "The Dictionary of Canadian Biography"
By W. Stewart Wallace, MacMillan Co.of Canada, 2nd edition 1945

FINLAY,  John (1774-1833), fur-trader, was born in Montreal in 1774, the son of  James Finlay and Christiana Youel.  He became a clerk of the North West Company in 1789, and in 1792 was with Alexander Mackenzie on the Peace river.  By 1799 he had been admitted to partnership in the Company, and was proprietor in charge at lake Athabaska.  He signed the agreement of 1802;  but he retired from the fur-trade in 1804, and in 1805 he relinquished one of his two shares in the Company.  In 1807 he was elected a member of the Beaver Club in Montreal; and in 1827 he presided over the last meeting of the Club.  He obtained an appointment as deputy assistant commissary-general at Montreal; and he died at Montreal on December 19, 1833. 

see also: his brother James Finlay Jr.

*Reseaching John Finlay ....................Sue Wilson  (gg granddaughter??)

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